Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finishing up the trailer, and turning in a tag.

I get carried away reading blogs and forget that I need to post something myself.  But I have come to my senses and started live writer.

Today was the day in between. Between making preparations to go to the lake and actually leaving (tomorrow).  I started by finishing up the motorcycle in the trailer project.

All I needed to do was mount one more eye bolt, and install the straps.  We are taking a mattress to the lake that was on a bed here, so that was carried out and strapped to the trailer wall next to the bike.

I then jumped up and down and rocked from side to side trying to knock the bike and mattress over inside.  Loyce said I about had it off the ground it rocked so hard.  But the bike and mattress stayed put.  So I am ready to roll.  The trip to the lake will be a test in familiar territory so to speak.

The license tags from the Jayco were sitting here on the counter, so I called the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, and inquired what needed to be done with them.  “Take them to the license bureau, and turn them in.”  “Get a surrendered plate receipt.”

So I headed over to the Missouri side, and went to the license bureau.  Waited in line for thirty minutes, and got yelled at by the lady in the window, that the plates could have just as well be tossed away.  What?  Jeff City told me they had to be brought to you!

Seems that this is the standard answer, but the license bureau gives out the receipt, and then tosses them just like I would have.  So that was an hour and a half wasted.

Once back here, I spent the rest of the afternoon messing with the computer, and paying bills that have been neglected since we were gone all last month.

Tonight we went over to Ben’s house and enjoyed seeing the grandkids for a while.  The three year old wanted to come home with us, and had a fit when we left without her.  She will go down to the lake with us in the morning, but was really having trouble with the tomorrow concept.  Big, crocodile tears, that she had to go to bed now.  Ya want to hug her to death!

We went to an authentic Mexican joint that is somewhat of a local chain here in South Kansas City called Mi Ranchita.  The waiters are here, hopefully with greencards, but only speak broken English.  It is like someone moved Mexico to Kansas.

This was our extended anniversary dinner, tonight, since I worked too long on the trailer project last night.  I was in the dog house for that.

See ya from the lake, tomorrow!

Retired Rod


  1. It's always tough leaving small grandchildren, isn't it, but it's great to be so loved, too! Have a great weekend up at the lake!

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy and getting ready for some fun... Yes it is hard when those sweet little grandkids turn on the tears... Breaks my heart! Have fun and show us some pictures...

    Travel Safe


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