Monday, September 14, 2009

Filling the bird feeder

Al of the Bayfield Bunch has said time and again, that us guys can pull some real brain dead things at times, and the gals (wives) often can't understand how we can be so dumb.

When we left the lake place last Monday, I fell into this trap! Somehow in MY hurry to leave, I forgot to turn off the Air Conditioner. Loyce was really busy, loading all the stuff into the car, and I was sitting around waiting for her to get ready to go. So, therefore it was me who wasn't responsible and failed at my assigned tasks.

So the AC has been running all week. It takes $250 or more a month to run the lake house AC, so you wouldn't normally let it run when you leave. Do you see where this is going? Ya that's right, I had to drive three hours each way today to go turn it off.

Loyce, of course, had to take care of the grand kids again today, so she wasn't about to ride six plus hours in the car to fix MY bad.

Actually it was a very peaceful ride thru rural Missouri. Upon arivial, I noticed that the humming birds had almost emptied their feeder, so I took it down and cleaned the flies and bugs out of it. Refilling it clear to the very top, it should be good to go for about three weeks.

So the story is, that I had to go fill the bird feeder today! And I'm sticking to it!

I did take a couple of large ice chests and clean out the freezer side of the fridge. We slowly take stuff down every trip, and what we don't use gets frozen. Eventually, there is so much stuff in the freezer it grows fur. I threw away lots of stuff, and brought home unopened things only.

Loyce wanted an inventory of what I tossed, but I told her she really had to be there to review my decisions. And since she was busy, for once a guys decisions were final! LOL

Retiored Rod

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