Monday, September 7, 2009

Paddling the day away

This picture pretty much defines the total activities of the day here at the lake.



Claire is four, Ema is six, and Caden is seven.  They have been allowed to take the paddle boat across the cove by themselves.  Well as long as Caden is along.

But late this afternoon, I saw the paddle boat slowly coming from the back of the cove, with Ema as the lone peddler, and Caden as a passenger in the back.  It was like he was on strike.   She wasn’t making much progress into the wind.

Finally, after his mom hollered for him to help his sister, he reluctantly moved to the front seat and peddled the paddle with his sister and came back to the dock.

She jumped out and swam to the ladder, and he paddled around to the side berth , and backed the boat into the slip.  

All I could figure was that they had to go up for supper, and he didn’t want to come in off the lake.  I can only wonder if he will have memories of the lake when we are gone, and his folks are the grandpa and grandma.

Retired Rod


  1. Great picture... The kids are so darn cute... Glad all is having fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. Glad to see you are back in Kansas City. I will be in Kansas City for 3 hours on Saturday. Then fly home to Spokane from there. Glad you enjoyed your Pacific Northwest trip.


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