Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gassin er Up!!!!

I headed out to get a haircut this morning.  That wasn't too exciting, but I have made friends of the barbers I chose three years ago when we came to the South KC area.  And since it had been six weeks since I was last in, we had to go over all the stuff that has happened here in KC since I left to go on vacation.

Funny how most men's barber shops are about the same.  Cover all the recent sporting events, complete with opinions and projections of things to come.  Cars, and in this case truck engines, since they discussed the diesel in the motorhome being the same as the Dodge pickup.  Even though it is made by Cummins to those guys it was still a Dodge. Well if you say so!

So after several errands to look into possibilities for additions to the rig, I went over to see if the Porter Cable would fit in the back bay of the motorhome.

No problem it fits with room to spare.  I plugged it in where the vacuum cleaner is connected and started the generator.  I left the A/Cs off, since we could always turn them off if necessary and hit the compressor's on switch.  It fired up instantly, without any strain at all.  The 6KW generator will put out 50 Amps, and the compressor pulls less than 15.  But I have no idea how much start current it takes.  It ran normally and shut off at 150 pounds.

I then proceeded to air one of the dual tires, that had 90 pounds in it.  It took several seconds, but I had it up over 100 and the motor never started.  Wow I love it when a plan comes together.

I need one of those coiled plastic extension hoses to add additional length to the included hose, so I couldn't reach the front tires.  They need  additional air up to 110 pounds since they are not duals.  They carry about 5,500 pounds each at the maximum axle weight.  The rear duals, were probably ok at 95 to 100 pounds so I didn't air them up any farther.  But it had no problem at all working at 100 pounds.  Yea!!!

I couldn't just declare victory and go home though.  Since I had gone inside and started the A/Cs as a further test and they were now running, I started the main engine too, and decided to go get some fuel.  That would be a nice little drive, that would warm the oil up and stretch some legs, so to speak.

So I drove down to Belton, Mo. about 8 miles to the South.  That's when it hit me that my wallet was in the console of the Camry back at the storage lot.  Senior moment!  Well big deal, you were out for a little drive, so drive!  As in back to the storage lot and walk about 2 blocks inside the fence to get to the car, grab the wallet, and walk back to the gate.

After driving back to the fuel station, it was now almost 4 o'clock and there was now a line to get thru the single diesel pump.  Its out beyond the bulk tanks away from the car island.  Several dump trucks were off duty, and filling up.   I waited a while, and had to take the credit card in and let the cashier hold it while I filled up.

Almost all diesel vendors are so paranoid that you will pump and run, that you always have to go inside and make arrangements to pay first, before you can pump.  They know you can hold 100 or more gallons, and at the $2.499 price they were charging today, that's $250.  They need cash just to start the pump.

I only put in 30 gallons, for $75 which brought me up over half a tank.  But at least I could head out without having to find a local station now.  You do not take chances of running out with a diesel, as that causes priming issues.  Which takes a mechanic and costs $$$$$.

Tonight, we went over to Melissa's house as Loyce had the two grand daughters for several hours this afternoon.  They took naps for most of the time they were here, but as a reward, Mel made supper.  We had large pasta tube noodles, and sausage marinara.  Broccoli and salad rounded out the meal, which really hit the spot.  Thanks Mel!

Our son Chris flies back from Alabama tomorrow, and has been out since labor day, so the family is quite excited at his return.   We will probably have the kids again this weekend, if they decide to do the town.

So today I was out cruising in the Motorhome, without much of a destination.  Just driving along for the he!! of it.  Someone had to do it.

Retired Rod


  1. It is extremely frustrating to be out somewhere and discover that I've left my wallet at home, so I know exactly how you felt. Whenever I'm going anywhere now, I always repeat the same verse, out loud even - "wallet, money, phone, extras"!! I never keep my money and wallet together, my cell is in case I need it, and extras are anything I should be bringing with me - like an item to return to the store(I've done that before - go to the store only to find I've left the return item at home).

    This little routine has saved me a lot of times - not 100%, but enough for me to keep it up! I don't mention keys because if I don't have them, I can't go very far anyway!

  2. Ever have to call your cell phone with your house phone so it will ring and then you can find where you put it????

    This getting old isn't for the weak!!


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