Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friends come to town

Life is kind of non exciting down here in KC! But, I had a good day with old friends today, and enjoyed it very much.

While I was working in Des Moines, I had the opportunity to work with our corporate pilot, Jack, and the purchase of the new company airplane.  Also a personal friend and a ham, Rich, was a pilot for another company in Des Moines.  Rich and I went  to a ham  luncheon together and I invited Jack to go along,  so Rich became friends with Jack.

Well, now they both work for Rich's company, and fly a Cessna Jet.   Today they brought their executives to Kansas City.  I knew they were coming, and received the call they were in town about 9:30.

The downtown airport is about 20 miles from us here on the South side, but I headed there almost at once.  We hung around the pilot's lounge renewing our acquaintance, and then headed for the luncheon.

Since we all like Bar Be Cue, I took them to the Jack Stack Bar Be Cue in the South side of Overland Park.  Man were we getting fat there.

I had the burnt ends luncheon, with the cheesy corn casserole, and the home made cole slaw.  I was stuffed all afternoon.  The cheesy corn has cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ham, onion,and other non disclosed seasoning. Its baked in individual dishes, and compliments the meat nicely.

Jack is a RVer, and has a motorhome, so we have much in common.  Rich is a ham as well as a pilot, and we circled from subject to subject.  It was never quiet.  I had to explain the scooter, and getting the full motorcycle license.  The hour passed quickly.

Once the guys were back at the airport, I traded the car for the pickup and hauled the lawn mower back to the hardware store where the tune up was done two weeks ago.  As I mowed last night the mower surged, varoooom va va va, varoooom, va va va.  Darned annoying for a $100 tune up, so I communicated this to the fellow.  I was nice, but tactfully made my point.

He said it needed an new carb jet, and installed it on the spot.  They normally clean out the old one, but evidentally mine didn't clean correctly.  No charge!  That was good too, since I had about 10 miles each way and two hours invested in the return trip.

Tomorrow is our day to have our street closed in front of the house for resealing.  Loyce parked her car over a block behind us so she can cut thru the houses.  I figure I will ride the scooter, and will just use the sidewalk for the block it takes to get to the new pavement.  It should only be closed for one day.  Time will tell, but rain may slow them up too.

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod .... sounds like you had a great lunch!

    p.s. fixed my comments problem it was a Firefox cookies issue.


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