Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The rest of the radio project!

About every foot there needs to be a wire tie.  Laying on your back on the newly re asphalted street, the top of the frame where the wire loom is fastened to the frame is about 6 inches too far to reach without raising from the pavement.

Well wait a minute, how did we get to the laying under the motorhome part?  I did sort thru the many coax rolls I had in the basement and selected a 100 foot piece that had been used before but still looked new.

I decided that I would go get the motor home and bring it back to the house for this project since I couldn't anticipate what tools I might need.  The neighbors will just have to get over it.

Once back here, I hooked the wire up to the mount on the back ladder and snapped on one of the antennas.  Hooking up the meter, proved that the wire and the antenna were functioning correctly.

Then it was time for the crawling under the center of the rig. I inched my self ever so slowly forward threading the wire thru all the crooks and crannies.  I untangled the mess over and over.

I didn't fit under the rear axle, so I tossed the wire over and crawled out the side.  I went inside and put the slide to the outer most position, and crawled back underneath.  This time there was more room.   I could almost sit up, but the wire loom was on the inside of the frame next to the drive shaft.  I followed it along, placing my wire next to all the others.   I used tie after tie.

Next to the engine, I moved to the outside of the frame to get away from the heat.  The wire is jacketed, and shouldn't be effected, but I went up thru the wheel well just the same, away from the radiator.  The engine is a diesel so there is no spark plug noise to worry about.

I poked the wire thru the fire wall where all the others come into the dash, and put on a connector.

In a few minutes I had a contact with a fellow in Indiana on 40 meters.  Well I guess that means its going to work!  But it was already 5 PM, where did this day go.

I drove the rig back to storage, and returned with the car.  That's when I noticed that crawling on the asphalt street, under a motor home all afternoon, will make you a tad sore.

Grandma had me move the rig about 4:30, since she was taking Delaney back to her house.  Ben and Danielle and the older kids were back, and it was time to return our borrowed grand daughter.  She is a full time job, because she never runs out of steam.  But we sure do!

Retired Rod


  1. In other words, sounds like you got a bit 'wired' to-day:))

  2. Well it does sound like although you have some pain you accomplished what you wanted... Yes those little grand babies will tire you out real quick... I have 3 year old twin boy grandsons and after a day with them I need a week to recoup!!! LOL LOL

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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