Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jobs about town

I went out for an Anniversary card and some flowers, this morning, and found the grill that we have been wanting.

A Webber Q is a common grill, but usually you find the 200 size. It is quite large and costs $200 everywhere. Since there are only 2 of us when we camp, and the son's have their own grills when we go together, I had declared that we only needed a Q 100. It is normally $150, both at Wal Mart, and Camping World. Funny their member price is the same as Wally Worlds everyday price.

I had taken the Toyota over to get an oil change, and was just walking around killing time, when there right in the middle of seasonal was the Q 100 for $124.99. Sold! So as strange as it might seem, that is our Anniversary gift for today. Well I got the flowers too.

Today seemed to never end with errands and projects. I rode the bike over to the storage lot and grabbed the trailer hitch out of the receiver on the back of the rig. Took more stuff over, and brought some pillowcases back.

Headed to a different Wally World to find some soda that is always out at the WW closest to us. Pop fills the top case on the bike, so I was done shopping until I got back home.

I took the car and went to Harbour Freight and bought a compound wheel chock for the Motor Cycle, to mount in the utility trailer. On the way home, I stopped at a neighborhood hardware store, and found out they would take my lawnboy mower in on repair. They were only backed up about 20 mowers, so it had an appointment if I brought it right in.

I went directly home and loaded it up in the pickup, and took it right back. Then on to the Kansas storage lot where the utility trailer is stored. It is the old lot where the Jayco was stored and is basicly a dump. But it is cheap, and so am I, LOL.

I spent the late afternoon and evening installing the wheel chock into the front of the trailer. I went to Lowe's and got some eye bolts to put into the floor for the tiedown straps to strap in the bike. I got the project mostly done, but darkness overtook me so I quit.

Its all sitting in the driveway, and I'm sitting in the big recliner. We'll get back on it in the morning!

Retired Rod


  1. If the Q100 is the same as the Baby Q then I say GREAT present... We love ours and use it all the time... And the flowers weren't bad either...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. You'll love the Q100 - it's a great little barbeque and you'll be amazed at how much you can actually cook on that grill! We've had ours for 3 years now and just love it! Great price too as I paid the normal $150 for ours - but worth every penny.

  3. Haven't checked to many places but can you buy them in Canada? May be a stupid question buy had to ask. The Webber BQ that is

    Brenda Brown

  4. I think Blogger put the wrong date on this journal!
    Now you're cookin'! The Webber will do you well.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Rod, I have been following your blog for quite some time. I tried to leave you a comment when you were in Seattle, we live in Kent. There is a couple of things I wanted to tell you about, the KOA camp etc. I just found out how to post a comment. Wish I would known before. Maybe we could have met. Phyllis in

  6. Phillis too bad we missed while we were out there! Penny, I did the wrong date, by putting a one in front of the 9/2, got 9/12 instead. It must have been really late. Brenda, I would think they would be available all over. If Rick and Paulette have one, they are at least available clear out on Victoria. Camping World had them by the bushel.


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