Sunday, September 6, 2009

We’re all here, but so is the rain.

We had rain again, all day until well into the afternoon.  House bound would be the description of the day.  By mid afternoon, Ben and his family showed up, and we had four kids under seven running around inside.  Abby is the fifth, but she is only three months and doesn’t run much yet! LOL

Please let the rain subside!  By late in the afternoon, it stopped raining but remained cool.  The kids and Ben moved to the dock, to fish and then swim.  The paddle boat was placed in the lake.  Seven year old Caden was in paddle heaven. 

Tonight we had a pulled pork roast that simmered in the crock pot for most of the day.  It was as good as anything we have had at the barbecue restaurants here in town.  Melissa made the roast, and I have no idea the recipe.  But it was slow cooked and tender.  It had garlic cloves as part of the marinade!

By mid afternoon, I headed out on the scooter to ride some of the neighborhood.  We have steep cliffs here in the Ozarks, and I chickened out on a couple of really steep hills.  Then I found the local city police with a car pulled over, and they were going thru the entire contents of the vehicle.  They obviously suspected that the driver had some kind of contraband.

As I came to the corner, the policeman standing away began casing me as a person of interest.  I stopped at the sign, turned on the signal, and made an exit left.  He didn’t pursue.  I moved smartly back to my neighborhood.

With a full helmet, and smoked face shield, all clues as to my identity, age and attitude were hidden, so I was just a body in a motorcycle jacket on a bike.  But they were busy with the already detained car.  Still they are overly aggressive during these holidays here at the lake, so I was glad not to have to explain my joy ride.

Tonight, we did the watch TV and sit on the porch in the cool evening air duty.  At one point a neighbor in the next cove began shooting off fireworks over the water.  That was fun, and didn’t really cost us much to participate.

Tomorrow is to be Sunny, I Hope!

Retired Rod

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  1. Hey Rod, Sounds like you guys made the best of your rainy day and then had such wonderful food to enjoy with your beautiful family. Have fun with the kids!

    Travel Safe

    ps... watch out for those POLICE!


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