Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More rain

I had to get the utility trailer back over to the not so secure storage lot, before the cops arrived! We use two lots, one that is cheap and not so secure, and one that has gates with codes and cameras for the motorhome. Expensive!

The rain had not arrived yet, as I was talking to the owner of the not so secure lot. Seems that he has evicted the "car junker outer" guy. Yea! The fellow didn't pay his rent, and the owner realized he was driving away business. He should have known that months ago! Still the owner is a nice fellow, and he is now trying to clean up and reorganize the place.

Again this was another errand day that leaves hardly anything to blog about. I fell asleep in the late afternoon. I awoke in a start, realizing I needed to go pick up a tire from the repair shop. So I made a hasty trip thru the traffic to arrive before closing time. It was still raining.

Now its late at night and I am caught up on blogs from the long weekend. And its still raining!

Retired Rod

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  1. Sounds to me like it just might be time for you to put your feet up and relax for few days - if it rains, so much the better! Take it easy!


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