Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out and about on the Scooter, and the Ia vs Ia State game

Now where did today go? I'm not sure, but there was a lot of scooter time involved.

Lets be honest, with colder weather closing in on the season, and football in full swing, today was a ride the scooter kind of day. I went over to the storage lot where the Motor home was stored, and hung out in the rig for a while. The catch on the washing machine closet, was bent beyond recognition, by some careless would be customer before we bought the rig.

So that came off and was carefully straitened and put back on the door. No big deal, just kind of make work, while I was hanging out. I also took the Freightliner books back and returned them to the owners manual pouch. It is an expander file, that weighs twenty pounds and fills one of the overhead bins.

I went thru the whole rig looking for a tube of foot cream that we had purchased out on the road. Never found it, so next I headed to Wal Mart to buy another replacement tube. And of course once in Wal Mart, ?????? Why do we go thru all the isles, when riding a scooter precludes taking anything very sizeable home? I don't know, but I was in there for almost an hour. Still I never bought anything but the little tube of foot cream.

Since I was in Missouri, I bought a full tank of gas for the scooter. LOL, a whole 1.1 gallons. It uses premium, so it cost $2.81. This is high finance you know. I have 750 miles on this scooter, so I have purchased about 10 gallons since I bought the thing back in April.

Back here, I did some computer browsing, and fell asleep late in the afternoon. Loyce came down from her office and suggested we go for a Fuddruckers burger. So that was supper this evening. It s about ten miles over to old downtown Overland Park where the restaurant is located, and we did some nieghborhood cruising on the way home.

And the big news from Iowa today was that my alma mater, the University of Iowa went to Ames, Iowa and put a big knot on the heads of the Iowa State Cyclones. This is a big rivalry for us Iowans, and It was bragging rights for yet another year.

The series between the schools was revived in 1977, and the win, loss record is now Iowa 22, Iowa State 11. Iowa has also won 5 out of the last 7. State did win 5 in a row several years back, and the Iowa fans were hanging their heads, but pride has been restored here in the last two years!

Retired Rod


  1. Can't beat the cost of running that scooter! I didn't know Fuddrucker's restaurants were still in business. We had one here maybe 20 years ago, but it didn't last too long for some reason - I always liked it though.

  2. Fuddruckers started in San Antonio, Tx. The original store is in a bank building on the river walk. They are more popular in the South and West. We had one in Mesa, Az where we were last winter. We have found them in many of the towns we have visited, but not everywhere. Where they were successful they are still in business, while other locations are gone.


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