Saturday, September 5, 2009


We did nothing today!  It rained gently at first, and then heavily most of the afternoon.  Work on the dock, and pontoon boat was out of the question.

Dark even though it was mid afternoon.


Cool and wet on the dock.  Too cool to get all wet washing stuff.


Playing with the grand daughter, became the most important duty of the day.  In the afternoon, naps were in order, but I snuck off and went into town, for gasoline, and another list of stuff from Wal Mart. 

We were entertained by the Hummingbird wars.  The alpha female sits and guards the feeder flying and swooping at any other bird that might want to sneak a quick drink.  She is always on guard somewhere close. Here I caught her on my ham radio antenna wire, with the feeder in her sight.


This evening, our son Chris and his wife Melissa arrived, and we went to Bandana’s for Barbecue.  It was getting late, once we were seated, and the kids were beyond hungry.  That’s when they become overly mischievous.  Luckily, it didn’t take long at all to get their food.

Once back home, we just hung around doing family catch up time.  Telling stories and comparing notes about all things considered.  No I’m not an NPR fan!

So perhaps tomorrow we will again consider cleaning the dock and pontoon boat, unless it rains, and then maybe we will just hang out in the screen porch.    

Our younger son and his wife should be here by mid afternoon, and then the house will become busy, busy , busy!

Retired Rod


  1. Can you send some of that rain up here. I need a good excuse to stay inside & get caught up on a bunch of computer stuff.

  2. Wouldn't mind a good downpour here, either. We haven't had any significant rainfall since April!

  3. It has been poring here since around 5 am this morning. Big thunder boomers! Sounds like your family weekend is going to be GREAT fun. Have A fun weekend...

    Travel Safe


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