Monday, September 28, 2009

Big mess in the garage.

I spent the day cleaning the garage out.  Since I couldn't find two of my antennas that I knew were here somewhere. When I started going thru stuff, the day kind of just went away.

I did find the antennas, as they were right under my nose.  But I couldn't see them for all the other stuff.  And the wire I was looking for was in a tub right on my bench.  Oh my!  Bunches of other stuff was piled on top of wire.

I never did go back out to the RV, since it warmed up to a balmy 87 degrees, I went and rode the scooter.  It was almost too warm, but it won't be long and we will be headed for the freezer.  So I'll get all the scooter time I can for now.

The grand daughter is still here again tonight, so we are busy reading books and working on learning about training pants.  Three is such a responsible age, you have to learn all the stuff of life, like dressing yourself.

Grandma Loyce loves this stuff, I'm a little slower at it.

Tomorrow will be another day to get after the radio in the rig.  We plan to leave for Des Moines on Thursday.  Friday we have to be in Prairie Du Chien for the wedding on Saturday.  We will be staying in a motel up there, so the motorhome will stay in Des Moines.  These plans are not set in too much concrete, but should be about how it plays out.

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  1. Glad to hear you found all you wires and antennas... Have fun at the wedding!

    Travel Safe


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