Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreary San Diego

The canpground here in Santee, Ca. is largely sandy gravel.  The roads are blacktop, and not as effected by the rains that came here all day.  It seemed to let up and then start again even harder.  We are surrounded by water in the gravel of our camp site.

We sat and watched as the rain streamed down the windshield.  It never reached beyond mid 50's in temperature.  We read and Loyce sewed, but excitement was at an all time low.  By mid afternoon, we couldn't stand it and headed out in the car.

We didn't have anywhere to go, so we just drove around.   In the rain!  And rain again, and again.  Finally we had almost a torrent, at about 5 PM.   Since I was just wandering thru the East part of the suburbs essentially lost, I punched up Geo the GPS to take us home.

Even as we got out of the car, it poured and soaked us as we ran for the rig.  They claim that the snow level is about 4500 feet.  The forecast is for 43 over night.  It is way more cool here than out in the desert to our West.

It is supposed to stop raining in the next several hours, and they claim it will be sunny tomorrow.  We certainly hope so, as sitting in a mud puddle in the wet and cold camper, is not our idea of a really good time.

It just began to pour rain again.........

Retired Rod


  1. With all that water around you should have stopped at Wally World & picked up some rubber ducks.

  2. It wasn't such a great day here yesterday either, Rod. But, the sun is shining this morning and it's a beautiful looking day.

  3. Rod-when I was in SD 4 years ago-there was a great restaurant to eat at The Harbor House-right on the pier-it was delicous and very reasonable! Also-if you take a drive to La Hoya(known as a little Beverly Hills)-it is a beautiful town-with a beautiful view of the ocean-and watching seals-that took over one of the beaches-Also-if you drive a little further out of LaHoya-there is a state park-where you can watch the sun set -it is gorgeous-and you can park right along the cliff-that over look the beaches and ocean-absolutely beautiful. I saw the same ship too-I was at an old Veterans Cementary-which was way on on a hill-over looking the ship when it came in. I think this is by some military base that has been closed. . .a very old military base. You can see San Diego from this cementary-but the cementary is very beautiful with all the white tomb stones. I think the military base is now being reserved as a nature reserve.

  4. Sorry you have had some cold wet weather. It has been cold in the southeast for months, and they say that misery loves company. Really, I hope things warm up back to normal for you and Loyce.

  5. Hi Loyce!!
    Just wondering how you liked the Country Loft? I didn't get a chance to say safe travels!!
    Take care!


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