Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back at Lake Ozark for the Holiday

Now that the Canadians have Victoria Day all in the books, it is time for us US bound people to begin our Memorial Day.  And since campgrounds become impossible over these big holidays, we for one park the Motorhome in the very back part of the lot and hope that it doesn't get out of the fence while the crazy's are out and about.

It is this very thing that caused us to sell our RV's back in the late 70s and become lake property owners.  At least we had a reservation at our own place, that wouldn't be given away before we got there.  We spent some nights in parking lots when we had our Class C, and that always put a dim light on our supposed good time.

But with that said, we never like all the work that goes into a lake cabin, and that is why we are here several days early, because there is so much work to get ready to have guests.  I have been here several times during the winter, but Loyce has not been here since last Labor Day.   And it goes without saying that I can't clean like she can or does, so we start anew.

Our day was packing the car and driving three and a half hours to get to Lake Ozark.  Then the unpacking part.  One of the smoke detectors was beeping as we opened the door, so that had to be silenced almost immediately.  Luckily I found a supply of new batteries.

I think we will just hang out tonight, as the work will not go anywhere, but will be right here when we get up in the morning.

Retired Rod

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  1. I agree that having a cabin on a lake probably sounds much more romantic and fun than it is for the work you have to put into it. Maybe you will post some pictures? Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


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