Monday, May 3, 2010

Considering a new Toad!

As I wrote about it last night, I had stopped by the Ford dealer to look at the Escape as a possibility for a new vehicle to tow, so Loyce doesn't have to follow in a car every where we go.  The 2009 and 2010 Escapes are now towable.  They have the new 6 speed transmission that was jointly designed by GM, Ford, Mazda and others. 

After I wrote that, I went on to study more about the 2009 Escape, and ran into a log jam of bad press.  I was on and  Also on, I couldn't believe the troubles that Ford has had with the little SUV.  Seems that folks are burning up the transmissions one after another.  Some people have had as many as four trannies in their car.

At about 200 miles the oil in the transmission overheats and froths.  At that point it no longer lubricates and the whole thing gets hot hot hot.  It throws out the oil thru the breather and dip stick and then freezes up.  Ford at first denied any thing was wrong.  The after replacing many units, began to blame the RVers for their tow procedures.

Finally they began to have everyone lower the amount of oil in the transmission to the bottom most mark on the dip stick.  Then they started to replace the dip sticks.  I assume the marks are lower on the new sticks.  But even their own mechanics do not know about the service bulletins and top up the oil, causing yet more failures.

So even though I like the Ford product better than the others, I wouldn't know why you would take a chance on buying an Escape when you know they have caused untold grief for unsuspecting owners.  The sales force says that they are fine, and the owners manuals have instructions that are in error.

All of these problems seem to come to an end as the 2010 models arrive, and the owners manuals now explain to leave the oil at the lowest mark on the new dip stick, but no where did I find the simple words, that we found out what was wrong, and WE FIXED IT.

Even if they have corrected the problem, I am sure that I would worry and worry that it was back there burning and literally on fire, the entire time I was pulling it.

So for now, there will not be another Ford Escape in our future.

I wish I liked the Honda CRV, as it seems to be the car of choice, other than the Jeeps, but they get such horrible gas mileage I wouldn't consider them.  I never have liked the GM products, so I am my own worst enemy.

I spent most of the day researching all this on the computer, and before I knew it, I almost didn't have any time left for a scooter ride.  But I did go out and ride over to the rig storage lot to get yet more stuff out to bring home.  I keep thinking of another something, so that is why we just had to get the storage lot so much closer this year.

Tonight, I spent much of my time talking to my ham friends in Des Moines, as we plan to go to Dayton, Ohio.  Even though we talk and talk it thru, we'll mess up and forget something in all our planning.  That's just how it goes!

Retired Rod


  1. Interesting stuff on the Ford Escape. Sounds to me like the 'dipsticks' are the Ford execs. I would be very, very suspect of the resolution they are touting. If this is happening in new vehicles, I can only imagine what it would be like after 40 to 50 thousand miles.

  2. hello Rod..just found your blog through the Bayfield Bunch..just a few you not tow the car you have now..??..what are you going to purchase for a toad?..and our ford salesman told us that the 2010 ford escapes are towable..who do you believe???and what do you think of the front engine diesel??..i see you have one??


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