Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soccer Practice

We went to Soccer practice today, for our 5 year old grand daughter Claire.  It was quite the experience!  Kindergarten is such a hoot, as there is nothing quite like a room full of 5 year olds.  They seem to be all on their own tangent, all at once.

Now listen up!


At this rare moment, they all pretty much seem to be paying attention to the coach.

That was somewhat of a unique occurrence during the time that we watched.  But they all were having fun, in their own way!


Shot on goal practice!


This boy seemed to be quite big for his age, and could easily outrun the others.  Perhaps he is older than most of the other kids.  He took it right to the net!  The girl behind him gave up chasing!

Today was their last practice for this season, and that was kind of sad, but perhaps the spark is set and we may be looking at professional players at their first organized class.

Other than the practice, we went over to the Rig this morning and took some pictures of the corners of the new Diamond Shield where they have pealed loose in the last week.  I am working with someone from the company in New York, about possibly having those areas re done.  Again we played some phone tag while we went to the soccer practice, so perhaps I will know more tomorrow.

I took a scooter ride late in the day, just to keep up with the daily learning experience.  It does not seem nearly as big and heavy now, and perhaps I will not need those training wheels that Al from the Bayfield Bunch graciously offered last week!


Retired Rod

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