Sunday, May 23, 2010

The burst part.

Randy asked for pictures.  But getting pictures of the bottom of the faucet requires laying on my back on the wet carpet in the bottom of the cabinet under the sink.  So today I put a fan under there and hoped for dryer weather.

I did take a shot of the stub end of the faucet line that I removed from the PEX plumbing under the sink.

The water pressure over time expanded the stainless steel braid over this pipe.  Finally the braid parted, and the plastic ballooned until it burst.  I did not cut the stainless steel webbing, the water pressure did all the damage.  The plastic pipe was burst laterally as a split, and I did cut the plastic with a knife.

So this is why we all need to be using a pressure regulator on our hose as we hook it up to the city faucet.  Which I do every time.  So why did it fail?  I will probably never know.

These pipes in the vacation grade travel trailer were only plastic, and did not have the stainless steel webbing over them.  But in my house, the pipes to the faucets and toilets all have this braided cover.  So I feel that we had a quality faucet to begin with.  Also the parts guy at the Tiffin factory indicated that they use only residential quality fixtures, where they are available, so try to go figure that out.

He said that I should be able to purchase an ordinary Price Pfister  faucet and it would fit right in the counter top.  But then he offered to send me one, so a readily agreed.

Perhaps inspection of the visible plumbing lines from time to time would be a good thing, but who is going to empty out all the stuff under the sink or bath vanity in order to take his flashlight and lay on the floor doing this inspection?  Obviously I didn't.

When I get the old parts out of the counter, and new parts installed, I promise I will take more pictures of the failed pieces.  As Randy said for instructional purposes.

We will pack up here tomorrow and head on back to KC, as other members of the family are here and can take over our duties.  It was in the high 80's today and the wind blew from the South at a high rate of speed.  We rocked and rolled with slide toppers flapping for most of the afternoon, so lets hope that subsides for tomorrow's drive  South.

Retired Rod


  1. Well, Rod, you're experience has convinced me to do exactly what you mentioned. That is to check out our pipes and fixtures to make sure they are in good condition. Looks like you had a real stroke of plain bad luck there.

  2. We just replaced our faucet assembly a few weeks ago after I turned on the tap & found a spraying leak right at the top. We had a cold night previously & I think it split the plastic at the base of the faucet nozzle. We picked out a new assembly at the local RV dealer for about $39. Doubting my own mechanical abilities we had the RV guy come out & install the taps. Took him all of 5 minutes & now that |'ve seen how simple it was to do I would probably have a go at it myself & save a big huge installation fee next time!!!!

  3. I wonder too like Al said if maybe a little water had remained in the faucet during the last freeze asnd weakened it enought to split under pressure. That sure looks like it took a bit of pressure to burst the braid too, I think if theres a way to check the regulator I would do that. I bought a home quality pressure ragulator for about $50 after my last small RV one failed. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  4. One of the mysteries of RV life. Thanks for the picture! Makes me wonder if the regulator was working correctly? I often wonder if mine is working right.

    I think it was about 3 months into our full-time journey when Pam said we had a leak on the bathroom floor. That is when I discovered (from John at the next campsite) that I NEEDED a water pressure regulator. He gave me an extra one. The high water pressure had loosed the water pipe connection to the back of the shower.

    It took me a couple of hours to find out how to get to it, but all it required was a hand - tightened turn and the leak went away.

    Hope you solved it and thanks again!


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