Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drying Out

Wow! It wasn't bad enough to warrant calling the insurance company, but we really do appreciate all the best wishes from everyone.  We are lucky in that most of the water was running down the entry stair and out under the door.

Our floor in the center of the main living area is a tile, that is a composite material.  It looks like it is stone, but is light weight.  It is glued into place when the floor is first assembled before the walls go on.  It was wet, but had most of the water running for the door.  We were luckily tipped somewhat toward that way.  We had no wet carpet except for the piece in the bottom of the cupboard.

I still haven't tried the heater that is in that slide, but it is in its own compartment.  The drawers were full of water, but only for about an hour or less, so we dumped them out and set them up to dry.  So our water damage seems minimal.  Mostly just dry stuff out.

I went into town to a hardware and lumber store where purchased the correct size plastic PVC plugs. They went  into the faucet  fittings to plug them off, so we could turn the water back on this morning.  Then I called the folks at Red Bay Alabama, since we are still under warranty.

They feel that the piping on the faucet must be defective, since I have always used a pressure regulator, and will ship a brand new faucet yet today (Friday) to our home address. I will evaluate how complicated it is to install once I get the new parts.  If it is not too bad, I'll do it myself, but should I not understand, I will have to employ the local RV place.

Red Bay was instantly wanting me to stop by on my travels, but I explained that we were 800 miles away, so that would not be happening as just a casual trip.

So we can't use the kitchen sink for now, but the bathroom all works, and we were going home on Sunday anyway.

Our afternoon was consumed by errands to repair and eventually replace the hearing device that Loyce's dad uses.  The old one was broken and worn, so it was decided to just get a new one.  I hope he likes it as well as he did the broken one.

Tonight we all went to Cucina Bravo Italliano, a restaurant at the new Jordan Creek mall in West Des Moines.  It is one of those places where it looks like you were in Italy inside.  It has the brick oven that you can see burning from all over the room.  They bake fresh Italian bread and bring it out as an appetizer.  It was fairly dynamite!

So what seemed like a drippy mess in the middle of a rainy night, is much better once the sun comes out and stuff dries out.  But it may be a while until we can cook in here without the kitchen sink having water.  More restaurant time!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Hope you can take some pictures ~ it will be instructive. Sorry you had to go through all that mess and hopefully the new piping and things work easily.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Drat the luck, being confined to Italian restaurants, and other fine eating establishments. I guess it could be a lot worse. Thank Goodness the refrigerator didn't go out or you wouldn't be able to even get a cold one out. Have a great weekend, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Good to hear things are coming along nicely with your repairs. That restaurant sounds pretty nice - any chance they serve "sweet potato fries"?


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