Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hitch itch and a motorcycle that moans.

What's wrong with me?  I was home all of about 12 hours and I was thinking about where we should go with the RV next.  It was as if the car and motel trip to Ohio didn't count.

I didn't have the nerve to bring it up to Loyce, as she seems perfectly content to stay here in KC and do her crafts and babysitting.  But my wheels are spinning in place already.

I have to stay here for a while, since I need new prescriptions, and that means that I have to go see the doctor.  Boo, hiss, but then he has the keys to the safe that holds all the new pills necessary for my conditions.  How did it get like this?

So like the good boy that I am, I will keep my thoughts to myself, and go peacefully to the Lab appointment that I have tomorrow.  That is where the vampire lab tech will drain about a quart of blood from my arm, and then I should get the appointment to come back and see the doc next week.

If all goes well, maybe I can sneek off somewhere when no one is looking.

Since I was soo nervous, I headed out on the Maxi Scooter today, first trying to find the new building that the doctor's office had moved to.  I felt kind of sheepish, when it was just next door to the old building, but then who knew?

Then I stopped by the Suzuki dealership to inquire about the noise that the scooter makes when you shut it down, or put up the kickstand too quickly.

It's kind of a moaning whistle.  Wierd, but it made it right while the tech was riding it around in the parking lot.  He was baffled!  Finally telling me I needed to leave it for a while so he could analyze it more thouroghly.  It was a sunny and 70 kind of a day, so that wasn't going to happen.

I rode out in the country, on the many blacktop roads we have South of the city, here in Johnson county.  After filling up the gas tank, the noise went away for a while.

The short story on the noise came from the BurgmanUSA website.  They refer to it as the Burgman fart.  Seems that the gas tank builds up pressure from the pump system, and has a pressure relief valve system to pass this over pressure gas.  This release kind of whistles and makes a moan sound all at the same time.

It happens more on warm days, when the gas tank is more empty.  It has been a problem for years, and no one has sought fit to decide that it needs to be fixed.  It is kind of like a cross between an whistle and a sigh.  Huuuuhhhh, with kind of a errie moan added in for good measure.

The web sight said to ignore it and keep riding.  Its normal........

But surely the folks at the dealership knew all about this sound, but they said they would look into it later when I brought it in for the 600 mile service.  Don't you wonder how many folks they tell that too?

I still want to go somewhere........

Retired Rod


  1. Yes, I know what you mean by the 'Hitch Itch' thing & wanting to go somewhere. I too am grounded for the summer. Kelly has a very good seasonal job while we are home which she likes a lot. This sitting around stuff totally drives me into the doldrums!!
    Maybe you should send that Suzuki fart explanation link to the dealership. Sounds like a simple case of them not being fart savvy!!

  2. A good fart is sometimes good. I too am suffering from no camper-itus, we are still trying to sell the house , and the grandson is in school for another week, and Donna works her second job on Fri & Sat so I will have to wait until Adam gets on summer break before Rigg's and I head for a campground. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Count me in with the hitch itch crowd.


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