Saturday, May 8, 2010

Melvern Lake

We are at the Melvern, Kansas Corps of Engineers Lake, just South of Lyndon, Kansas.  The town of Melvern is a few miles East of the lake.  There are several campgrounds here, and the COE campground is actually on the tailwater from the dam.  It is a gorgeous park, but is all reservable.  And the weekends are booked up almost all year.  So we are not there.

We are at the Eisenhower State Park that is on the North Shore of the actual lake.  This park is run by the state of Kansas, and requires a Kansas State Park sticker for access.  It costs 4.75 a day, or $24 a year.  We also had the car, so that took another half price sticker since we paid for the motorhome as well.

Then, we are on a premium site, and have water and electric so that was another $20 a day, so it becomes a bit pricey, if you were to stay here for a while.  My oldest son has purchased an annual camping pass as well as his annual sticker, and he can camp as much as he wants, in any Kansas park.  He does have to register, and pay utilities by the day.

So for us, it is higher  for our first time out this year since we had to buy the park stickers too.  


This is a premium site, as the lake goes all the way around this point.  You can walk right out the back door, and fish in the lake.  They have a swimming beach, but in the summer the kids also swim from these sites.


This is on a point, and the water goes all around the yard.  The next site to our left is about a hundred yards away, but to our right side the next camper is about 40 feet.  Our oldest son Chris is on that site with his family.


Then next site after Chris is our younger son Ben and his family.  We got three in a row, all lake front.  It is still early in the year, so the park is not as full as it will be later on.  Once it is warmer, three in a row will be a dream, not reality.

I’ll go ahead and post this even though I will date it for tomorrow.  Have to get back out and enjoy a site that has some IT Factor, while we have it.

Retired Rod


  1. What a lovely place! Now I wish I had explored more of KS while I lived there.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. We like your new header picture, that looks like it would be worth a three hour drive to Kansas City. How much farther west is it. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. What a great spot, Rod. Hope you have a great weekend and maybe catch a fish or two.

  4. It looks like a beautiful park. I was very impressed with Kansas last year when I had to get repairs to my RV there, and I'd like to go through there again just for enjoyment.


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