Friday, May 21, 2010

In Des Moines with a flood.

The day was routine until a little while ago.  I went back to the Doctor's office, and had a good visit, where we revamped my prescriptions.  Of course later in the day, I was called by the old pharmacy service that my insurance company let go, that they couldn't fill the scripts.

That is because the Dr.'s office faxed them to the wrong company, even after I explained that there was a new company, and that they had to be faxed to the new company......  but that's only a minor issue.

We are in a suburb of Des Moines, at the campground we routinely use here, and Loyce helped move her dad, so we went out to supper at the local Fuddruckers, only to find out they don't have sweet potato fries.  But I even got along with that all right.

But when we got back to the Motor Home, we had water pouring out of the kitchen slide and the entrance door all over the ground, and running away down the hill in the gravel road.  I ran and shut off the water at the entrance hose.

The short version is that the faucet pipes burst under the sink.  The kitchen drawers are full of water with the utensils.  All the stuff under the sink is soaked, and all the cardboard boxes are ruined.  What do you do with a soggy roll of aluminum foil, or Glad wrap?

Without the ability to turn on the water, or water pump, we are totally without any water in the rig.  Our kitchen is in a slide, so that is plumbed back into the main part of the rig under the shower floor.  It is dark under all the cabinets, so perhaps this needs to be addressed tomorrow.

So for now, we are here precariously without any way to wash up or cook.  And we have stuff stacked all over drying out since we had a regular flood when we opened the door.

This is the city where we purchased the rig, but they are a division of their Minneapolis store, so I don't hold much faith that we will get help from them, but at least that is a good place to start.  And yes I had a pressure regulator in the hose at the CG faucet.

Retired Rod


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding of your rig. I hope you can get it all dried out soon, and fixed.

  2. You absolutely did not have a good day & being out of sweet potatoe fries at Fuddruckers was definately a bad omen. Any kind of a water leak is always a bit of nasty business & your leak sounds like big business alright. How alarming, maddening, & disappointing, that would be to get back to the rig & see water pourning out the door. Some days you just can't win for losing. Hope you are able to get the problem resolved satisfactorily & the mess & water damage is minimal.

  3. If its plasic maybe the campground knows an RV Tech that can come out and take a look at it. Might be chearper than a factory visit. Since I doubt they will warranty a burst pipe. Hope you guys get it fixed soon so the bathroom is back in service. Drying carpeting and cupboards is a pain but if caught right away you won't have mildew. get the space heater out. Good luck and hope no major damage resulted. Sam & Donna.

  4. So sorry, Rod! Hope all goes well with the repairs and the drying.
    Our Mobile Suites uses a water manifold so that we can select any faucet and shut off the water to that part without affecting any other part of the coach. That is a good design.
    Sure wish you the best with the repairs.
    E & M

  5. Sorry to hear about the water leak and hope you get the repairs done quickly. Looks like you might be having an insurance claim there if there is any water damage to floors etc. Water, while absolutely necessary, is sure a big enemy sometimes.

  6. I agree with Rick. Call the insurance company and let them deal with it.

  7. Wow that's a bit of bad luck, I hope things get sorted out soon!

  8. I'm saddened to hear of your troubles. The world just isn't right when you can't get a sweet potato fry fix at Fudruckers! And flooded RV's just plain suck.

    That is some good advice offered up there == if there is going to be a insurance claim filed, do it now and let them SEE the mess before it is fixed. Pictures are great reminders of what was damaged, but it really helps if the adjuster can physically take in the soaking floors and cabinets. Don't be too surprised of the insurance company argues that they do not cover "flood damage". ;)

  9. So sorry to hear about the water leak. That would ruin anybody's day. Take pictures then call the insurance company...its worth a try.

    Good luck on the cleanup!!

    Mike & Gerri

  10. I second all the comments about taking pics and calling your insurance company ASAP. I really do think you can get some help by filing a claim. Hope so anyway!

    So sorry about this problem. Just ruins a good day.


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