Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cleaning Bugs!

Still more rain.  It rained again during the night and left the pavement wet and the sky overcast.  I  tried to sleep in, but then we had the two grand daughters here for the night last night, and they don't sleep in.

The wife got up at 6:30 with them, and they went to the kitchen to make breakfast.  There was no end to the noise.  So sleep was not to happen.  But I held out with the pillow over my head.  Still, I gave up and was up at 7 :30.

I went over to the storage and fired up the motorhome, driving it back to the house mid morning.  It needed the bugs removed from the new diamond shield vinyl bra.  I was told to remove them immediately, but in this case that was several days.

I scrubbed and scrubbed.  They were like concrete, but slowly they came loose.  You are not to use the pressure washer on high on the vinyl as it will wash loose the covering.  So the brush and soapy water are the only means.

Since it was overcast and stormy cloudy, I only washed back to the doors and slide on each side.  The rain will mess up any wash job anyway.  But with the front clean, I had to go get some 303 treatment.

303 is a UV protectant that is indicated to keep the Diamond Shield from damage in the sun.  It is $16 for a little 16 oz spray bottle.  We find it here in Olathe at Chux Trux.  A truck specialty store.  You are to treat the coating every time you wash it.  I think we could go broke!

I did ride the bike over to the truck place, and on the way back the overcast began to break.  Since you are not supposed to put the 303 on in direct sunlight, of course that is when the sun shines brightly.  I stopped by Wendy's for a cheap burger.

After the rig was back in its storage place, I stopped by the local Ford Dealer, to look at newer Escapes.  They are now towable, and have some rebate attached to them.  Also the salesman indicated that they now have electric assisted brakes, which makes them a nice alternative to the Honda CRV.  I can't get excited, because we have had an Escape for 6 years.  We are just tired of it.

When I got back home, I promptly fell asleep.  Seems that early morning kido thing took its toll on me too.

Retired Rod


  1. Gotta keep those 'burgers coming to make sure you don't run out of energy doing all the jobs you have to do. That's my story, anyway!!

  2. Grandkids can wear you out in a hurry! I was holding my 9 month old granddaughter yesterday, when I felt a spot on my leg starting to get wet and warm, and it was spreading. My daughter and her husband both felt terrible about it, but I just had to laugh. It dried soon enough.

    We used a wet Bounce dryer sheet on the front of the 5th wheel and the bugs come right off. I'm planning to use one on the front of my truck this week before I wash and wax it. That is, if I can scare up the energy to do it. After a big job like that I'll have to rest for at least two days!


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