Friday, May 14, 2010

Over to the Show and the AF Museum

Today we hauled the trailer over to the three spaces that we rent in the outside flea market.  We have a new tent like structure that needed to be assembled, and much of the electronic goodies that we had in the trailer had to be unpacked.

Several of our group wanted to go to the Liquidation retailer downtown in Dayton.  Mendelson's.  I'm not sure how to describe this old factory building other than lots of stuff.  Mostly factory and Liquidation stuff.  They buy out old parts and pieces of stuff that is left over as production runs are changed to new products.

There is everything imaginable.  All in one old building.  The entire third floor is stuff from electronics manufacturers.  Us fellows can spend hours in this place.  It is dirty dingy and old.  And delightful!

After attempting to round up everyone, we moved on to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum.  This is five giant hangars of every old plane ever made.  Well maybe not every one, but almost anything that counted in warfare anyway.  The most notable plane is a B 29 named Bock's Car.  This is the plane that dropped the Fat Man nuclear warhead on Nagasaki, Japan.  It just makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, everytime I stand in front of it.  So much history, so long ago.  Many visitors are Japanese, and I can't help to wonder what they are saying in their excited staccato discussions in its presence.

We spent the afternoon roaming the museum from hangar to hangar.  Finally we went back the the Hamvention, where our brothers were busy selling the wares from the trailer.

After leaving, we went to a favorite hangout "Marion's Pizza."  This place was voted best pizza in Dayton, and we seem to always seem to include it on one of the nights.

Tonight, we are just hanging around the room, as tomorrow at 6 AM will come really early, as the show officially starts for the general public, that are not exhibitors.

Retired Rod


  1. It sounds like an enjoyable time for you. I can imagine my dad with a collection of old electronics stuff - he had a basement full of it! He was a ham radio operator but none of his kids ever picked it up.

  2. I would lhave liked spending time in the airplane hangers......and eating pizza.

  3. I'm with Al - sounds like a great day, airplanes and pizza! Hope the show goes well.


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