Thursday, May 13, 2010

From Dayton Ohio

We went from 8 to 25 followers in one day, Wow.  I really do appreciate all of you joining as followers.  I hoped that I had folks that stopped by, and I do have a counter at the very bottom of the blog, but I never really watch the numbers as they increment.  Again thank you for stopping by.

We awakened to drenching rain in Des Moines this morning, and it made packing the car a mess.  Thank goodness we had the trailer all packed and only personal stuff was stuffed in on top.

We drove all day.  600 miles, but we had four folks in the car to drive and spell each other so while the day seemed long, we never had grueling drive times.  So we are here and its late at night in the motel and in the Eastern time zone.

That automatically makes it bed time, so off we go.

Retired Rod

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