Thursday, May 6, 2010

The day got away!

Today was a go on errands day.  On the motor scooter!  Well the first errand was to fix the handle bar end on the bike.  As I learned it just pulls out, and has a rubber expansion piece that crushes inside the hollow end of the bar.

I had never seen it apart, so I thought it best to let them put it back on.  Their power was out as they are building a new addition onto the building, and today the old electric system was being married into the new panels.  I waited for a while, but finally the salesman went and got a few tools and fixed it in the drive.

From there I went to the bank, to do some simple banking.  They always look at you like a criminal when you arrive in a motorcycle jacket.  Stereotypes!

From there it was on to the barbershop.  I've been going there since we moved to KC, and have become good friends.  And they had moved to a new shop.  All new fixtures and furniture, so I had to go brag it up.  They straightened out the last do from the old shop, that was less than expected.

After that I stopped at the Honda dealer and sat in a CRV, trying to make the little car appeal to me more.  Hey, its nice and everything, but just a bit small for a big fat german fellow like myself.  And expensive too.  Never talked any money.  I know I won't like the deal, because I know how bad it will really be.

Once back at home, after a Wendy's 2.99 burger deal, man those are small, I started in on the blog reading.

From there the day just slipped away.  We did have home made tacos that Melissa brought over tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  But not one beer touched my lips, boring!

We are planning a weekend camping trip with the sons and all the grandkids, for Mothers day this weekend.  More on that later, as it begins to develop.  I have more questions than plans as of now.

Retired Rod

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