Monday, May 10, 2010

The rest of the campout.

As it turned out, our warmest day was Friday, the day we arrived at Lake Melvern.  Saturday's blustery cool winds did have some sun along, but were just too cool to sit outside for very long.

I left the door open in the afternoon, but as the wind picked up I had to go close it about dinner time.  We grilled skewers outside, but the grill lid had to be closed to get the meat done.  The veggies never did brown much, and they remained crisp.  We had them with fried potato crowns and green beans.  It was a good meal.

The campfire at dark was almost a bonfire.  We kept tossing on logs, while the kids did s'mores.  It was hard not to flame the marshmallowes, but the heat was welcome as the cold air came off the lake.  Caden, our eight year old, ate a lot of the chocolate.  And Claire, the five year old, had melted marshmallow all over her clothes, and hands, and face....

I think we had at least four bundles of wood.  After the last stick of wood went on the fire, I gave up and went to bed.  I know it was well past midnight before the rest gave up.

On Sunday morning we had a wonderful mothers day breakfast prepared by Melissa, our daughter in law.  We never cooked a thing, it all came from their camper warm and delicious. 

We did our mothers day visiting until around noon, when it became checkout time.  Kansas Parks are strict about leaving at checkout, but it was cold and overcast.  The wind was flapping the slide awnings, so we didn't think they would enforce the time thing.  But then it began to rain, so we rolled anyway.

Tonight the rig is empty and parked at storage, and we are back at the much warmer sticks and bricks home.  Onward to the next adventure!!

Dayton, Ohio and the Hamvention.


  1. Despite the cool weather, it sure sounds like you had a great camping weekend. I'll bet the grandkids loved those smores even though they made a mess of 'em!!

  2. Why is it that the sticky marshmallow stuff sounds so familiar to me? It's not so bad when the parents have to deal with it and us grandparents can just sit back and chuckle.

    I also have been meaning to tell you that I just All Day to Get There". That says it all, doesn't it?


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