Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning up winters mess.

Its the middle of the night, and I am sitting here wondering what I did all day.  That is because  I ran the pressure washer on the dock all afternoon washing away the winter filth.  We had a rather nasty winter here in Missouri, and it left a mound of grunge on everything.

I washed and washed, and it is only about half done!  That is not good as I have sore arms from the wand and vibration of the machine.  But, if we are going to come anywhere close to enjoying the use of the dock, I must not stop in this job.  So tomorrow will be more of the same.

I washed the cover of the pontoon boat as well, but the real work comes when I remove the cover, as the big grungy couches are underneath.  So clean clean clean.

Tonight we made another Wal Mart run, as if the car full of stuff we brought from KC wasn’t going to be enough.  Our supplies here are quite low, as we have not used the house to live in since last September.  I’ve spent some nights here, but only to do maintenance stuff.  We didn’t entertain.  That is quite different.

So not much to blog about, except that I need to get the battery charger going in the morning so motors can be brought back to life.

Retired Rod

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about using the wand washer to clean off your dock. After a few hours of that, it gets to be very tiring. I'm sure it'll be worth it once you're all finished though.


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