Thursday, May 20, 2010

RVing back to Des Moines

We had rain all day, and I had to go to the doctor's office for lab draws.  It is mundane to say the least.  I only waited about a half hour after my appointed time, and that is really good.  It sometimes is a lot longer.

The rest of the day, we had some of the grand kids here and that turns into play and more play.  Fun, but not much to blog about.

We have decided to head back up to Des Moines tomorrow with the RV.  We are concerned about Loyce's father again as he will be admitted to a skilled care facility, and she wants to be there for the admission.

I have to go back to the Doctor's office in the morning, so that will slow the process down of getting the RV ready, but Loyce will not wait for me so she can be on time. 

This is not what I envisioned as heading out with the RV for an adventure, but perhaps it will help with the hitch itch somewhat.  So we will be turning expensive diesel fuel into smoke!

Retired Rod

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