Friday, May 7, 2010

Camping for the Weekend.

Work Work Work!  Today was an all day work day outside.  It was before 8 AM when I saw the last of the folks leave for their office.  That was my cue, to go start up the lawn mower.  I use a Lawnboy for trimming, and ran it for about a half hour.

It is realatively quiet compared to the John Deere garden tractor that came next.  Still the tractor is just a residential model, with about an 11 horse Koehler engine.  But it does pop much louder than the little two cycle pusher.

The yard was cleaned up about 11 am and I headed out to do some errands on the scooter.  I was gone for over an hour.  After lunch, I went over and traded the pickup for the motorhome at the storage lot.

So with the motorhome back here, it was out with the pressure washer and bucket and brush.   I washed all the way around the coach, and of course, it now looks like it will rain any minute. 

Still feeling industrious, I washed the Camry, and the new Suzuki motor scooter.  So now it will rain durnig our drive to the campground tomorrow. 

Our plan is to head for Melvern, Kansas, and call our son to see where they land.  They are checking where we can get in, ahead of us, so I will just have to report how it all works out.  Assuming I can get verizon internet where we end up.

It is really spotty once you leave the interstate, in central Kansas.  It might be that we only have the blackberry, as that is on T-Moblie, or we may have none of it.

The satellite TV should work if we are not under any trees that block the South.  Beyond that we need to build a big campfire to keep us occupied.

Retired Rod


  1. I hope you enjoy your camping trip. Getting away sounds like fun, after you hard work cutting the grass and washing all those vehicles. The internet connection seems to be a problem all over the US! I, for one, am really sick of spotty service.

  2. After all that work, Rod, you deserve a nice, relaxing weekend! Hope you and Loyce have a great weekend.


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