Monday, May 31, 2010

Swimmin and Such!

More of the same!  We headed out in the pontoon boat before noon, to go cove out.  Now for those of you that are not lake ozark savey, coving out refers to going to another cove other than your own, and parking in the back on the anchor and swimming and playing in their cove.

So we went and coved out in a cove about 7 miles up the river from us.  This cove has a really shallow back end where we could anchor with only minimum anchor rope.  Hanging out where you could touch bottom if you stood up really straight.  We won't let the kids dive or jump in from the boat when we are in these shallow areas, but they were having fun just the same.

We had sandwiches along, and the kids dug into them as we pulled the anchor to head back.  We drove around some of the other coves along the way back to our own cove.  It is kind of, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence situation.

Lake Ozark is formed by the Bagnel Dam that was built way back in 1929 and closed in 1931.  They started work on the project just as black Friday and the crash of the stock market occurred.  We have over 100 miles of river that is dammed up until you get to the next dam at Warsaw, Mo.  That becomes Truman Lake and goes for miles again.

Since this area is very hilly, bordering on mountainous, there is cove after cove up every creek.  I think there is around 1,700 miles of shoreline.  So coving out can take many forms.  We have never boated more than halfway to Truman Dam, and that took all day.  It has been many years since we did that as well.

Tonight we enjoyed pork chop and veggi skewers on the grill, and then went to the fireworks show on the water with the boat. 

A local hotel, the Lodge of the Four Seasons has had fireworks for as many years as I can remember, but we think the length of the show was much shorter tonight.  Its the economy, as we didn't feel the lake was as busy with boats today either.

Still we managed to tire the grandkids out as they crashed to sleep on the pontoon ride back home.  The moon hasn't come up yet, and the ride across the water is dark, but all the homes on the shoreline are lit with yellow bug lights.  The docks have blue markers on them, so it is really neat at night.

Not wanting to give up and go to bed ourselves, we are telling old stories about many years ago out on the screened porch, arguing as to our memories of the events so long ago.  I'm sure my version is more close to the way it happened than how you told it!!

Well anyway, have a Happy Memorial Day!!

Retired Rod


  1. Coving sure sounds like a lot of fun. It'd be great to go boating on a place like that where you can motor around for hours and hours. Sounds like you're really enjoying your long weekend.

  2. Hey Rod, you don't go to the infamous party cove down there. I've seen pictures and it looks like it gets pretty wild. We are about 2 hours from Lake Of the Ozarks. Spent quite a few eekends when we were younger with friends down there. be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. No Sam, we stay out of party cove now that we are over 50. Besides I'm not sure what I would be looking at anyway, or what it was that made me want to look in the first place.


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