Friday, June 4, 2010

Grandkids and fighting Ubuntu Linux

We have the grandkids here, and they have more energy than grandma and I will ever have.  

I was instructed to set up the little swimming pool that we bought two years ago, and I dutifully complied.  It took two garden hoses running full tilt for about three hours to fill the thing.  It is only eight feet around and 30 inches deep, but we must not have much flow from our faucets.

It was cooooooold.  Oh man was it cold, but our 5 year old Claire was bound and determined that she was going to swim in it just the same.  Nothing was going to stop her.   I made her get out and sit in the sun, when she began to shiver. 

Luckily she needed a nap about the time it was getting so cold on her.  So that broke the persistence that she felt to brave it out. 

I went out for a cycle ride to try and find a cover for the pool.  A good excuse for me to duck for a little while.  I never did find an eight foot cover, as most are at least twelve feet.  They must not make a cover for our smaller pool.  I looked all over two years ago and couldn't find one then either.

In the middle of the afternoon, I decided that I would update my Ubuntu computer to the latest version, and that has become a big mistake.  The April 2010 is the latest stable version, so I downloaded it and installed it.  It doesn't work!!!  At least I have some problems that the automatic part of the download can't resolve, and I am going round and round.

It is quite technical, and I won't attempt to explain, other than I must not be smart enough to understand.  Like all software, you just have to hang in there until you see the light, but right now it is very dark.

So all is quiet at our house for a few precious hours, and perhaps I should get up to bed while that is here, because it will all erupt again at first light!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. "I must not be smart enough to understand."

    Don't feel bad, that is what Kelly made me get tattood on my forhead!!

  2. claim to have a cover for an 8 ft pool at Of course that won't get you out on your scooter.

  3. Anyone who runs Ubuntu on their computer deserves a few hours of total frustration - LOL. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough and be running smoothly. Hmm? I have a nice spare computer now - maybe I should give this Ubuntu a try?

  4. Someone loaded Ubuntu for me on my old Dell laptop. He gave it back to me with a completely blank screen and told me I'd figure it out because it was absolutely intuitive. I went out shortly and bought a Mac!

  5. Ubunti, sounds like someone who runs for political office that nobody has ever heard of and ends up President. Just kidding, with my computer knowledge, Microsoft provides eneough challenges, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


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