Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting ready to leave and more construction stuff.

Today was that last day at the campsite day.  If its is out, it needs to be packed.  If it is dirty, it needed cleaned.  If it belongs to the campground it needs to go back............

So the remaining stuff that is outside had to be folded and packed up.  Mostly that was the new camp rug that I purchased over at Camping World.  Biscuit was outside with me as I began folding and then rolling up the 6 x 15 carpet.  Inexplicably she began to whine as I rolled the carpet up.  I had to stow the piece in the far side bins before she stopped.   We could not decide why she thought putting it away was a bad thing.  But perhaps it signals to her that we are going to leave, and she worries that we will leave her behind.  Of course we would leave the motor home behind before we would leave her.

Mid morning, the scooter needed to be washed as it was a mess with dust and the rain from a couple of nights ago.  There are a million corners on a motorcycle to wash and chamois dry.  I could have washed the car twice in that amount of time.

Next the name tags and the key to the mail box needed to go to the office.  I also picked up the final bill for electricity and the sewer and trash charges.  That added another $129 to our check out price.

I needed to check out the folks at the house building office, and also take a picture of the cabinets in one of the houses for tomorrow.  But when I arrived, the sales lady was skeptical of the sub that I had met with yesterday.  Seems that they have more than one sub for low voltage wiring and perhaps I should use a different one.  I reminded her that I had to sign a contract with this first guy, and if it was to be rescinded it needed to be done immediately.  She had a bunch of calls to make!

Back home Loyce and I had a lot to talk about, but eventually got back on the project of packing.  Biscuit was grungy from all her walks here in the RV park.  The black top comes off on her coat, and it was decided to wash her.  Loyce did most of that, but I was also helping dry and comb her.

That's when the sales lady called and told us that we should stay with the fellow and contract we had signed yesterday as the new folks weren't ready for prime time yet.  What it boiled down to was that we would get the installation of the security system for free if we signed the three year contract for their service.  The monthly wasn't all that bad, when you remember that the install was $1K.  The new folks would be charging for the installation and be higher monthly as well.

She wanted me to come and sign the matching contract with the home builders.  Their is no additional price, but it is mostly just an agreement to repay the builder for them purchasing the system and installing it for you.  The 1K will still be free, but we had also ordered more data and cable tv drops in a bunch of locations and those aren't free......

So back over to the build site, where I learned that the construction company had just raised the price on the home we signed for by $3 K.  That is a total of $4 K since the first of the month, but we had to pay the first one.  As they acquire more homes to build than they have capacity, they raise the price and increase the number of weeks before final closing.  Its a good thing we made the decision as quickly as we did... 

But like all these projects it will remain to be seen if it is good or bad.  You just know one of these subs will turn out not to be reliable, especially if they take on more work than the core group of folks can do in the reasonable amount of time.

This is interesting because last year we didn't have much of any work for construction folks here in the Mesa area.

Tonight we are all packed in the trailer including the motor scooter.  We only need to move about 5 miles, but you have to be ready to drive, and you may as well be moving 500 miles.

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck on the move today. Our girls get all nervous when we start getting ready to move. They really hate it when the walls come in. Being involved with a new construction project will definitely keep life interesting for awhile.

  2. butterbean carpenterMarch 1, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Sounds to me like you got you a 'Winner'!! WATCH EVERYTHING THEY PUT IN FRONT OF YOU, READ EVERY WORD AS

  3. butterbean carpenterMarch 1, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Were the tornadoes anywhere near your KC place??

  4. Good luck with your move. Sounds like you may have bought there just in time.


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