Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Party at Grandma's!

Today was the make up birthday party for two of our grandkids.  (Since we were gone on their real birthdays.)  I made the pulled pork recipe that I used last winter when I was recovering from the Christmas surgery.  It takes about 5 hours to do in the crock pot, and you have to tend it every so often, so I hung around the house most of the day.

The party was at 5 PM and we all enjoyed the get together.  Both families and all 5 grand kids were running around and Biscuit was in heaven with all the kids to play with.

Then there was the cake and ice cream.......  Chocolate two layer with cream cheese frosting filling in the middle.  Oh, and the crushed oreo cookies on top of the white frosting.......  And the chocolate frosting on the outside to hide the white layer in the middle.    Then the french vanilla ice cream on the side.......  Can we have another birthday tomorrow??

That shot the heck outa my diabetes diet.  Well the pulled pork sandwich and the coleslaw and baked beans probably didn't help much either...

Can someone roll me up to bed??  Anyway Happy Birthday to Caden and Clair!!

Retired Rod


  1. nothing better than spending time with the grands and celebrating...hope you got to sleep well last night...

  2. Nothing like a family birthday party for the Grands!

  3. I bet you two are glad to be home! That birthday cake description makes me hungry.
    I read your earlier blog about the Harley riders. TM and I are 'lone riders' for the most part ourselves. We find it safer and so much more enjoyable. We've had it with 'blinged out' divas and bikers who can't get past the next watering hole. We want a peaceful ride!
    Take care and enjoy the grands!


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