Friday, March 30, 2012

Things Progress in Az

Received this picture from the building company Realtor today...  

We have progress on the new house, it is being framed this week!  When we left it was just sewer pipes sticking up thru the gravel that is under the concrete floor.

It usually only takes about three days or so to frame one of these small single story homes, so by Monday night or Tuesday this will be a completed structure as far as the wooden frame is concerned.

One thing about building in Arizona, you do not have to worry about rain on the building before you have a tar paper roof to protect it.  It may not rain now until the monsoon season in July.  Next comes the Air Conditioner folks, Plumbers, and Electricians to do their rough in work.

I did learn that they will load the concrete tiles up onto the roof once it is tar papered.  This is to load the weight of the roofing onto the building.  It will cause any settling that will take place and adjust the structure to this weight before they do any dry wall work inside the house.  I understand that if this is not done, the weight of the roofing would  break the dry wall if it is installed first.

So why not just go ahead and finish the roof?    No, you have to install all the soffit and trim boards before you finish tiling the roof.  Also they want to paint all around the soffit as well so that paint does not get on the roof tiling.  Everything has its specific order to be completed, and they have it down to a science because they have done it in the wrong order before and know the pitfalls.

I am back in KC tonight, and am relieved to report that the car ran nicely all the way back home this afternoon.  That is a relief, as I really didn't want to make an appointment here in KC to have that injector installed.  I'm sure it would take several days, just to get on their busy schedule.  They are the only game in town for repairs.

Biscuit is really slow today and still somewhat out of it.  The anesthesia seems to have knocked her for a loop.  She is just sitting her staring at me as if it is all my fault that she had this bad thing happen to her. She did eat and drink a bit today, so we are certain that it will only be a few days, and she will have forgotten all about it.  But for now she is moping, and must still be in pain..... poor puppy!

It was 84 this afternoon as I drove across Western Missouri.  I stopped in Sedalia for a Subway on my way home, and you might remember that they were one of the towns hit with a tornado last summer.  I was amazed that most of the damage was cleaned up.

Many new buildings have been built over the time since then, and the South end of the town seemed quite new and nice...  Thank goodness for insurance......

Retired Rod


  1. I really appreciate the work done by the team it is so beautiful.
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  2. I think it's wonderful that they are sending you the pictures as they progress. That way you feel more a part of the process. Poor Biscuit. She will be back to her usual self in a day or so. Just give her lots of love and treats.


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