Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's that smell?

Every time we stay here in Mesa, Arizona past the middle of March, we stay long enough to enjoy that smell........

Its pungent and heavy musty sweet.  It blankets the North side of town with acidy sweet lemon citrus smell.............  Most of the fruit was picked from the trees in February, so now its Orange Blossom time!

I forget that it is going to happen, and mostly we can't smell it out here in the South East part of town, but tonight I went riding on the scooter and headed West on University. When I reached Power, I turned North and drove on East toward Falcon Air Field.  That's when it hit me!  That Sweeeeeet overpowering orange rind smell.

I rode on and eventually arrived back at the RV park, where you can't smell it.......... yet!   Anyway after telling Loyce that it was orange blossom time, we had to drive the car back over to the old Wal Mart that we went to when we stayed at Mesa Spirit.

Anyway there is a Carl's Jr in the Wal Mart parking lot so we had a burger while we sat out in the car so we could smell the flowers....  Burger wasn't half bad either.  They smoke char broil the meat, so it is different than the other joints we visit.

Today the temperatures topped out around 87 and I saw 89 on the bike's dash.  That's as warm as it has been this season and about 10 degrees above what is considered normal.  But it will be very short lived as it is being pushed by a storm coming off of the ocean up in North central California.

We are to loose the warmth entirely, first with wind and dust.  Then the mud rain will clear the air giving way to temperatures in the low 60s as Sunday's high.  They are talking a foot of snow up in the higher elevations, as the weather people describe it here in the Phoenix area.

We were hoping to leave from here on Tuesday, so we are the culprits that caused this.  Wouldn't be right unless we traveled in a storm.........

Retired Rod


  1. I love that smell! I spent four years over at ASU and that smell is something I loved! I would stop and sit on benches take it all in! The simple things in life… like smelling oranges blossoms! ahhhh

  2. We're battening down the hatches here in DHS as well waiting for the big storm to hit us. So far, the wind has been gusty but not too bad. The worst is expected to hit us late Saturday.

    I'll see what we can do to slow it down before it hits you guys over in Mesa.

  3. My nose is so stuffed from allergies this year I'm not sure I could even smell the orange blossoms. We're pulling out Tuesday to go to our Rally so hoping the storm is well out of here. The problem is you guys will be driving towards it.

  4. If your plans are not set in stone wait out the bad weather making it safer to travel.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. enjoy reading your blog.
    Thanks for the insights into life in the USA

  6. I grew up in Southern California and we had orange groves very close. Love the smell of the orange blossoms.


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