Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time is on the move

This is Arizona, and folks around here don’t do daylight saving time.  It is currently the only state that doesn’t play along with this game of switching the clocks.  So yesterday while everyone changed their time and had their heads screwed on backwards because the clock didn’t agree with their internal timer, we went merrily along like nothing was different.

That was all fine until this morning or Monday, as we are now working with folks back in Kansas on the phone.  And suddenly they have moved an hour later or away from what our clocks now say.  That becomes more of a pain in the patutee as things close up more quickly.

By 2PM here it is now 4PM in Kansas, and people are closing out their day and going on home.  So I guess we will have to start on things a bit earlier.  But when you are working with doctors and pharmacies, it narrows the window when folks are able to talk to each other…….  Fun!

Also this means that as we drive back to Kansas in the upcoming weeks, we will be changing our watch when we leave Arizona and cross to New Mexico, and then again when we leave New Mexico and cross into Texas.  Now if you are like me and have a bunch of watches because that is one of your hobbies…………

It is interesting that Windows 7 has a time zone in its listing that is simply “Arizona”, but since we are not like anywhere else, this is necessary.  Its not as bad as Indiana, where most of the state is on Eastern time, but several counties around Chicago are still Central.  Also the counties in the Evanston area use central as well.  Wow wouldn’t that be fun?

Once I got my head around the time change issue in the rest of the country and what it will mean for us here, I headed out on the scooter, and today I did go back to W….  Ya Wendy’s.  From there I needed a storage lot……

Maybe I need to back up, …  we’ve been talking about going home for several weeks, but then needing to be back here to do an open wall inspection of the new house before the wall board goes on.  You know its really hard to change anything once the wall board is on.  Even if you know exactly where something is, you have to tear off the wall board, but if you don’t know exactly where the item is that needs to be changed, then you tear off wall board until you find it.

It is much easier to do things right the first time…..  And so we need to be back here sometime in May.  Now, do we drive the motorhome to Kansas and then drive back here?  Or do we just come back with the car and stay in the motel?  Or do we drive the car home and then drive the car back leaving the motorhome here……???

So without too much discussion we decided to leave the coach here again.  That means that we have to leave the scooter here as well because the car can’t pull the trailer and scooter together..  Leave my baby behind in Mesa???  Ouch..

But it will take $650 in diesel fuel each way.  But this savings can be eaten up rather quickly if we leave the rig in a campground for those two months, so we need a storage lot.

Sandy Dixon suggested a lot up on Superstition Road, and I rode up there on the scoot.  Luckily the fellow was in the lot working on spreading new gravel in areas that needed repair.  It didn’t take long, and we now have a new storage lot.  We can park both the MH and the utility trailer in one spot.  He quoted $30 per month, I tried to quell my excitement……… 

I signed the papers and paid for the first partial month in cash…  Things are really loosey goosey, as things are mostly on a hand shake, but he is trying to fill the place up.  He can change the rules later on once he has more customers.

So anyway we now have a inexpensive storage location to leave the rig in while we go back to Kansas in the car.

This blog is becoming way long, so I need to bring it to an end, but today we had concrete forms installed on the vacant lot, so we must have moved on beyond the inspections and licenses.  The construction has officially begun.

Retired Rod


  1. Wow. Thirty bucks a month is a pretty good deal. When we stored out motorhome, the best deal I could find was fifty. The whole arrangement was also somewhat "loosey goosey", like you say. Actually, I never signed anything. Just gave them a phone number, and post dated cheques.

  2. That is a great deal on a lot to park two pieces on. I 'll bet you miss the scooter when you get home. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. So sorry you have to leave the Scoot behind but really glad the storage lot worked out for you.


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