Friday, March 16, 2012

Nope, no Poo spill!!

It was early morning, and I ducked out to open the black water tank , while the neighbors were away to breakfast.  I turned the tank washer on and stepped back to let it do its work.  That's when I noticed a little problem........

Now remember that the hose is stretched back under the coach toward the drain that is behind the curb side dual.  But as I watched the nasty stuff drain, I realized that the ground was becoming wet along side the hose about half way back under the coach.

And then there was another little wet spot further along the hose,   yep I had some pin holes in the stinky slinky.  Not big ones mind you as they were barely wetting the desert ground, but still they were holes.

I decided right away that we needed a new hose, and set off to Wal Mart on the scooter.  I went in the garage door back where the oil change lane is, knowing that RV stuff is in the auto parts department.  And guess what?  I found it on sale for $29.95.  The new Rhino Flex hose with all the fittings on it already.  I also grabbed some Stabil for the gas in the motor scooter when we park it next week.

Outside at the bike, I had a bit of a problem as the box for the sewer pipe was way larger than the bin under the bike's seat.  But I managed to get a bunge cord out and strap it onto the passenger space on the back of the seat.  Several folks were rubber necking to see what I had on the way home.  The box is bright orange.

When I got home, I saw that our neighbors were back from breakfast, so I just tabled the project for now.  I didn't want to start a meeting of the sewer hose committee out behind our rig.

Much later tonight, I went out and disconnected the old hose rolling it up and installing the new one under the rig.  The new hose is more rigid and snaps as is collapses or extends keeping its shape rather than being all wiggley.  It was quite easy to push it under the rig from the drain back over to the bottom  of the sewer locker.  So far the Rhino Flex hose seems to be an improvement over the regular style.  I only drained some grey water thru it, but nothing seemed to spill.

As I gathered the old hose, trying not to become too familiar with it, carrying it over to the big dumpster thru the rigs,  that attracted all that attention that I was trying to avoid.  After tossing it, everyone had to ask what was up, or what had gone wrong or if I was tossing it out.  I just said it was really sun baked and I was tossing it.

See how fast you can attract attention with an old sewer hose and a trip to the refuse bin!!  Everyone expects that there must be a big Poo spill somewhere...........Nope didn't happen.

Retired Rod


  1. When I get lonely and need someone to talk to I will break out the old sewer hose and carry it over my shoulder through the park until someone questions me about it.
    Thanks for the idea...I am sure I will get some takers when I try it...I'll let you know.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Hey Rod, looks like we plum darn got the very same Rhino hose. Our old hose blew off last May so replaced it with the Rhino. Like the way it can be extended & then compacted again to save space in the bin. I think I paid about the same for it here in Canada at a Canadian Tire Store.

  3. My next purchase as the one i have now is 3 years old and I am sure will be leaking soon.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Enjoyed your funny post today. Thanks for good laugh.

  5. We bought 2 Rhino hose sets 2 years ago and we use them 7+months of the year..O rings are just now starting to drip a little..may try new o rings or just replace the whole thing as the price is right..

  6. Too funny. Especially all the visiting on the way to the dumpsters. Just glad it was just the hose leaking and not the tank.

  7. That Rhino hose is the best...had ours for about 6 months and wouldn't have anything else. Good choice!

  8. lol I can just see you slinking around :)

  9. You're right about attracting visitors in an RV Park. Another good trick is lifting up the hood on your truck - that always draws a big committee!!


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