Friday, March 9, 2012

Lost looking for a garden center that was there all along.

This was one of those non existent days.  We just did chores.  Loyce was working on the sorting of all of our clothes to get ready to for the laundry.  Our neighbors on the lot behind us got ready and left the park so we wished them off.

Then mid morning I rode the cycle over to the the new lot to check on progress of the neighborhood.  Today is the third complete day of the rough in framing of the neighboring house two doors to our South.   This house is exactly like the one we are building.

I could tell that is was the same exact floor plan now as it was far enough along to see the interior wall layout.  The project foreman told me that he will be done tomorrow, and that he needed to be done because the schedule called for electricians and h v a c folks in the next several days.

We did have one little form of progress on our lot this morning, in that we had the official sign installed that starts off the build.  It states the address and the lot number and describes the build plan.  This signifies that the city permit has been acquired and that the build is authorized.  So we are now officially in progress.

I have been looking for a garden center that we went to several years ago when we were staying at Mesa Spirit.  We drove around with the car a few days ago, but couldn't find it.   So today I went out with the scooter looking again.  I drove around for about two hours while Loyce was in the laundry.  Again looking for the center, and again  I didn't find it....

So tonight I kept at it with the computer and the internet browser.  And eventually it came up.  I didn't know the name of the place, and thought I was going to have to call my friend Larry back in Iowa to see if he remembered, since he was with us that year.

But when I did determine that it was the A & P Garden Center, I then figured out that I was about 1 mile off on my East West street.  Its on Brown, and I kept looking on MeKelleps.  Should have used the computer in the first place............

But when I came back to the park, they were having a Karaoke singing party up in the community center.  You could hear the singing all over the center of the park here,   and some were better and others were........well............  embarrassing....

This is the first week that we have been in a park where there wasn't a weekly swap meet or country store as they call it.  But we didn't really miss it much, as no one suggested that we go over to one of the parks that do have this activity.  Maybe next week........

I'll go over and take a few pictures of the finished rough in carpentry on the neighbors house tomorrow, as we will not be here for that stage of our own build.

This is going to be hard............  I can tell already.

Retired Rod


  1. How will you be able to stand not watching the day to day progress of the building. Can anyone send you pictures as it is coming along?

  2. Sing-a-longs are not my thing...I drive too many people away. I do love to listen to the oldies...and yes I was in high school then too.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. I'm not sure it's necessary to actually reach your destination as long as it's an enjoyable ride. :)

  4. No singing outloud for me. I can sing along with B & K because they are loud enough nobody can hear me.


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