Monday, March 12, 2012

Can you hear the Music?

I found this comment on the blog about the fire this morning.  This sums up why folks do not know what to say about the fire post.  Since this is something that everyone needs to see, I will re post the comment here.

After reading Sunday's post I decided to make this Comment. On June 20th 2004 (Fathers Day) was a beautiful day. Our daughter Rose took us out for dinner and we had an enjoyable visit. Afterwards I laid down for a nap before heading in to work for Midnight Shift. After arriving at the plant and changing my clothes I headed out to the plant floor. Before the start of the shift I was racing back home to see flames well above the roofline of our house. My main concern was for Kathy who miraculously had escaped and was at the neighbors. Witness had stated seeing young teenaged looking kids running from our back yard before the fire was spotted. The fire marshall verified it was Arson the next day. That was the start of a two year battle to rebuilding our lives. Though I am grateful for not having lost the most precious person in my life, when I see stories of loss of life such as your story, I can not comment but just hang my head and pray for the victims. It's about time.By Rick and Kathy Rousseau 
So thanks Rick and Kathy for your comment and reminding us how serious this really is.

Omm Pa Pa, Omm Pa Pa.........  The tuba is shaking the windshield of the front of our RV and this is the third day that it has been that way.   One two three, one two three, one two three........  Its polka time!!

Seems that this park hosts the polka band from up in Minnesota and it is a tradition that has been in effect for many years.  Folks come from all the RV parks and park around our community center, which is much like a dance hall.  On Friday night and Saturday night, and again today for a matinee  cars were parked in all the parking places in the parking lot and all up and down the sides of the main entrance street.

We had our camp host folks out on their golf carts policing all of this parking.  They made sure that people were parking in actual parking spots and not just anywhere they wanted to.  At least that kept the streets open and somewhat passable.  But I was glad that I didn't need to leave with the motorhome today.  This park only has one exit, and there were so many cars lining the sides of the streets that a motorhome couldn't have made the corner to get out of here.

Most of the folks that attended this festival were not residents of this RV park.  Oh, there was a few folks that came walking thru the camp sites heading up to the dance hall, but mostly the folks that live here were swimming in the pool on the East side of the building.  As a resident it is free to swim, and the music was so loud that it could easily be enjoyed from the pool.  So unless you wanted to actually dance, the pool worked fine and didn't cost anything.  Actually, I could hear it easily outside under our awning.  We actually started our air conditioner so it wouldn't be so loud.

So finally tonight at 8 PM the parking lot was completely empty, and the Omm Pa Pa was silent for another year.  Whew!!!  I think there are more dances scheduled, but they will not be nearly the draw that the polka festival was.

Once the music started again this afternoon, I promptly headed out on the motor scooter for a late lunch.  So I headed for W.......  no not there, I decided it was time to change it up and headed for Subway.   A six inch cold cut combo and a bag of chips.  Well it was different anyway.....

I rode the bike over into the housing development and began looking at some of the other houses that our building company is building.  Mostly these are quite a bit more expensive than our house, so the options are much more prevalent and costly.  I do this to get ideas, and understand what could be done, but unfortunately my bank account can't keep up with this habit.

Since that was mostly disappointing, it was time to come back here and fight the polka crowd.  Loyce wanted Mexican for supper, so we decided to go authentic tonight and went to Filberto's, a drive thru place that is all over down here.  Its not US fake Mexican like Taco Bell, but rather right on dead authentic.

I had a large Soft Taco Carne Asada and Loyce had the two Enchilada special.  I asked for hot sauce, and got some small plastic cups of green sauce.  I just poured it on and didn't even taste it first.  It was quite good, but I am certain it will be back to haunt me before morning.

So just another Sunday in the RV park here in Apache Junction.......

Retired Rod


  1. Omm Pa Pa Omm Pa Pa has never been my favorite kind of music & had I been there I'm afraid at the first sounds of that I would have run screaming into the street with my hands tightly cupping both my ears...

  2. A sobering comment from Rick and Kathy for sure.

    I'm not a big fan of Polka music but the Mexican dinners sure sounded good.

  3. Gee, I'm sooo sorry we missed that beautiful polka music. Not. You need to try Elvira's for Mexican. Corner of Ironwood and Apache Trail.

    Rick and Kathy know first hand the horror of losing their home. My Dad was a volunteer fireman and I always felt so bad for all the people who lost their homes. But I also really worried about my Dad.

  4. I cannot even imagine the horror of seeing your home go up in flames...and then the rebuilding process that follows. Sobering to be sure.

    Oom pa pa might be okay - on T.v. - where you can turn the sound off!!!


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