Monday, March 5, 2012

Warm today!

Today was the warmest day we have had since we came to Arizona last fall.  I never checked the official record, but on the motorscooter dash this afternoon, we saw 88 degrees.  I was out and about on several errands during the afternoon, and this temperature lasted for several hours.

It seemed like summer around here.  Loyce started the front air conditioner on the motor home and we enjoyed the cool inside as we hung out for most of the afternoon.  It was a rather laid back day.

Biscuit and I rode the motorscooter over to the dog park in the south end of the camp about noon.  She likes to walk this walk, but the streets here in this park have recently been sealed with that black tar sealer stuff.  It makes her fur black like the street.  Then we have to spray her off with the shower sprayer.  She doesn't like that too much, but otherwise the black comes off inside the RV,  on everything.

So late in the afternoon, Loyce took her over to the new housing area where we will be living once the new home is constructed.  There are greenbelt areas that stretch the length of the development, or about 2 miles.  They walked this area for about an hour, and most of it is green grass.  That is somewhat rare here in this community.  It must have worked, as she was all tired out when they got back and slept under the table for the rest of the evening........  Biscuit.......not Loyce........ LOL

So me riding the scooter all over and Loyce and Biscuit going on their extended walk........That was our Sunday.

Retired Rod


  1. butterbean carpenterMarch 5, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Howdy L&R,
    Awww heck, I thought it was cooler on the floor so Loyce laid down there...

  2. Not a bad Sunday, Glad Loyce wasn't the one so tired that she had to sleep under that table. The new place sounds like it will be perfect for all of you. Have a GREAT WEEK!


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