Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reviewing the paper work........

I like to answer comments first, before I forget about the question, so for reader Rex, the ground that the sewer pipes are buried in on our lot is almost all sandy type of red clay.  It pulverizes into a fine dust with out a rock to be seen.  The sewer pipes are two or more feet under the concrete, in this red sandy dirt.  There is a layer of gravel on top of the ground that will be under the concrete, and the perimeter will have a plastic sheet of vapor barrier all around the concrete edge.  This is so the moisture doesn't wick up into the concrete from rain or plant watering around the foundation.  So hopefully the black sewer pipes will remain in one piece...

And that is some of what was explained to us during the day as we spent most of the afternoon with our builder.  We spent what seemed like forever going thru all the paper work that has been completed to date.  They seemed to want to review all of the selections we have made to reassure that we know what we have chosen and what it will look like.

Perhaps they have had folks that come back once a selection is installed saying "I didn't choose that!"  So to them a complete review and discussion of everything is a good safety precaution.  Then we went over to the actual construction site and walked the lot with its open sewer trenches.  He thinks the pipe will go in yet this week.

I do think he is privately pleased that we are going back to Kansas and won't be here to pester him on every little detail as the build goes along.  And you know we would do just that, but we can't stay here forever just to watch the construction.

Anyway we came back to the rig as the sun was setting, and knew it was too late to go back over to Skies for a burger and a visit with the Dixons.  The band would have been done with their matinee by the time we would be arriving, and the temperament of the crowd changes about then as well.

So we headed out to get a fast burger, but ended up over on Power Road and Southern for another Fuddruckers.....  We don't have one of these back in Kansas any more, so this will be our final Fudds for a while.  Or until we come back for the open wall inspection in May any way.

It could be late May now, as they are experiencing shortages of experienced workers at the sub contractor level.  Many folks that worked the building trades have moved on to other forms of jobs, in the past several years of slow housing starts here in Arizona.  But the sudden demand for housing this spring seems to have caught the workforce off guard.

Not much else to report here other than another banner day with a high of 82.  But it was 78 this afternoon in Kansas, so even that is becoming old hat.  Still the days here will be 100 percent sunny for almost the rest of the summer, and Kansas can't compete with that.  It will be 110 degrees before long here but perhaps we will be back in Kansas by then......

Retired Rod


  1. Kelly just read an article last night about the Phoenix houseing market beginning to stir & turn around with house sales & prices beginning to pick up & rise. Better get all those workers!!

  2. I am so glad you didn't make it to the Skies last night because neither did we. Jim went fishing and didn't get back until 7:00. So we just fixed burgers here at home.

  3. Great to hear the construction guys are looking for workers. That's a good sign for the economy for sure.

    How are they going to build your new home without your daily supervision??

  4. Remember to get handicap toilets. They are higher and easier on the knees.


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