Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tragedy in Apache Junction

Several nights ago we were sitting here in the motorhome when we heard sirens, lots of them and they were quite close to us here in our RV park.

I told Loyce that those sirens were going to a fire. She said that there was no way that I could know that. But I knew that it was older sirens from vehicles that were older than the current ambulances and police cars.  They weren't electronic sirens but rather older mechanical sirens found on older fire trucks that seem to never wear out, since they spend most of their time parked at the fire house.

The next day we learned of a fire at a manufactured home that was in a neighborhood a little over a mile away.  The TV news reported a trailer house in a park, but that was not true.  But what was deadly true was that four people perished in this fire and that two of them were children.

Seems that they were found very near the front entrance of the home, but could not find their way out of the raging inferno.  This is very sad..... Even sadder was what had been reported as a suspected cause.

Again this is not reported the same depending on which article you read on the internet, but it seems that this fellow had something to do with ammunition.  Or another article said historical weapons. Yet other new reports refused to speculate on the cause.

We slipped by the home today and snapped this photo.  There were numerous balloons and flowers on the far side of the barrier fence.  This is sobering..

Again we did not know these people or anyone that did, and can only speculate as to the cause.  But if any of the reports of ammunition or antique guns are anywhere near the truth, it is possible that we are looking at the results of a gun powder fire.

Perhaps this could be the results of a black powder fire in a factory built manufactured double wide home.  Would that be a fire that engulfed the premise so quickly that no one could make it only a few feet to the obvious door exits?

So if any of us are involved with reloading of rounds, and or black powder muzzle loaders, this would underline the absolute necessity of powder safes for the storage of our volatile supplies......

My heart pours out to these folks relatives......

Retired Rod 


  1. What a tragic story. Very sad.

  2. Very very sad. Not much left of the building.

  3. After reading Sunday's post I decided to make this Comment.

    On June 20th 2004 (Fathers Day) was a beautiful day. Our daughter Rose took us out for dinner and we had an enjoyable visit. Afterwards I laid down for a nap before heading in to work for Midnight Shift.

    After arriving at the plant and changing my clothes I headed out to the plant floor. Before the start of the shift I was racing back home to see flames well above the roofline of our house. My main concern was for Kathy who miraculously had escaped and was at the neighbors.

    Witness had stated seeing young teenaged looking kids running from our back yard before the fire was spotted. The fire marshall verified it was Arson the next day. That was the start of a two year battle to rebuilding our lives.

    Though I am grateful for not having lost the most precious person in my life, when I see stories of loss of life such as your story, I can not comment but just hang my head and pray for the victims.

    It's about time.

  4. how very very tragic...having lived thru a fire in my younger years I can certainly sympathize with the poor victims...


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