Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Biscuit is Clean!!!

I had to take another BATH  !!!!     

And we all know how much I don't like baths..........

It all started when we were outside this morning, and I was out back of the utility trailer with dad insisting that I go pottie........  Of course I wasn't listening at all, but rather was sitting on my behind in the dirt.  I finally went, but only when I was good and ready.

Then a little while later, some blogger friends of my dad and moms Jim and Sandie stopped by to say hi!  They hadn't actually met each other before, but have read each others blogs now for a while, so it was like they had known each other forever just the same.

And I was happy to see them too, so I jumped up and down and went out in the black street and rolled on the concrete while they were talking.  Hey, I was just being me...  But while I was at it I was getting dirtier along the way....

Mom got started cleaning the couch inside after their friends left and realized how dirty I really was....... Oppps   So the next thing you know, I was back in the shower with the spray nozzle and the scrub basin and all that soap and water.......  But Mom, I don't want to be clean.....!!

Dad had the brush out and brushed on me until I was almost dry and respectable.......  Then he took this picture, but the look on my face tells you what I thought about it all.........

OK, Biscuit, that's enough!! Give me that laptop back........  Be a good doggie!!

Ya she just had to have a bath,  and when Jim and Sandie were here she was almost embarrassing as she jumped all over them in her dirty self.  But Biscuit is everyone's friend and just doesn't understand if she isn't loved right back.....  So Loyce resolved that she was going to get clean for a little while anyway.  She'll be right back to her dirty ole self tomorrow, but at least it will be new dirt.

Later in the afternoon once it became 88 outside, the wind began to pick up just like the forecast.  Once the gusts reached about 29 mph the dirt from the desert began to blow.  It looked almost like fog as it rolled along in the wind.

I had ridden the scooter over into the new neighborhood to see if the houses had any progress and found that they had begun framing the new one two doors South of our lot.  There was also a second crew on the other new foundation around the corner to the Southeast.  I stopped and watched  for a while, and walls were going up in lightening speed.  Amazing what can be done with a bunch of men and nail guns.

The dust was just hanging in the air as I rode back home.  I had to close the eye shield on the front of the helmet.  And at one point I was peppered with gravel that was in the wind.  That was enough of that, as I parked when I arrived home and put the cover over the scooter.

We went over to Fuddruckers tonight after dusk and had their small burgers, and while we were in the restaurant, the wind went down enough to stop the dust from blowing.  But as we arrived back here, it was still flapping the dining canopy.

As the wind dies out tonight after midnight, it is to become much cooler with the over night lows in the early 40s.  Tomorrow will only be in the 60s and tomorrow night is to be in the 30s......  Surely that will be forecasted wrong.......  But still it will seem a lot colder since we have had the high 80s for the last several days...

The blog header picture was taken this morning before the wind began, and is our current park.  The sites are about 5 feet more narrow here......

Retired Rod


  1. Biscuit you can love us even when you're dirty. We don't care cause you are such a super puppy. Sure was glad to meet you guys. We ran our errands, got our gray tank done, and stayed inside the rest of the day. See you guys tonight.

  2. Thanks, Biscuit! It was great to hear from you and even better to see a picture. Just tell your Dad to get that camera out a little more often, o.k.

    I guess your new home should be starting up pretty soon from the looks of it.

  3. Hi Biscuit. Oh, don't make a face, you are lovely!

    I like to roll around in the dirt too. Especially when I have just had a bath, I need to rub all the 'clean' off! Maybe we are related to chinchillas!

    I wondered why my Mom kept a brush at the door, but now I know. Even though I am black, she seemed to know when I rolled in the dirt, and would brush me before she would let me in the house.
    Hoomans are so funny!

    Happy Tails, Sniffingly Yours, Misty, TX


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