Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Packing and Biscuit Runs!

This was a day to pack up, and since we have been here in Mesa, Apache Junction since last December 1st, we have tons of stuff to go thru and decide what to do with it.  We will only have the car to take things back, so that has stressed the importance of the things we really need.

And in the middle of all this packing, Biscuit had a hair appointment.  So right after lunch, we headed out to the Paws and Claws coiffure.  We that is after we caught her again.............. she knew something was up and slipped away from Loyce.  She didn't get too very far as a neighbor up the street grabbed her, but still our hearts stopped for a couple of minutes.

She is all squirrelly tonight because they had to trim her quite close.  She had some mats that wouldn't untangle so they cut them out and then cut her all over to match.  I'd take a picture but the camera is already packed away out in the car.  But hey its summer and she needs a short doo......

Perhaps there will not be a blog tomorrow night, as we will be searching for a motel and all that goes with the experience.

We are going to attempt to leave the valley by heading East on US 60 or the Superstition Freeway.  It won't be any problem to get up to Globe, but from there over the mountain to Show Low is in question.  If we can make it up and over the switchbacks West of Show Low, we feel that it will be good to go from there on up to the Interstate.  Now I hope I didn't just jinx myself.  Once on I 40, we will see what the highway looks like from there.

The pass West of Show Low is only 6400 feet instead of 7600 East of Payson.  That 1200 feet will mean much less snow, and hopefully the plows will have cleared it today.  Monday.  If not, it isn't too far to just return here to AJ or Mesa for a night or two.

We also took one last turn over past the new house site this afternoon, and found that all of the sewer trenches had been filled in and several dump trucks of gravel had been spread inside the forms with a Ford tractor.  A lone worker with a shovel was shaping the deeper outside footings along the forms.  We both thought it would be too muddy to do dirt work today, but the desert dries out very quickly.

Once they get the tension cables stretched and the plastic sheeting down, there will be three foundations ready to pour on our street alone.  They seem to do several houses that are ready for the same thing at the same time.  So we will probably have a concrete floor by the end of the week....

Its gonna kill me to not know what's happening..............

Retired Rod


  1. All the best in your travels East folks. May a mighty tail wind carry you safely (& economically) to Kansas.

  2. safe travels folks..maybe you can get someone close by to snap pics and email the progress to you...

  3. Have a safe trip back to KC, we will be heading south in a month.Bet you will be chomping at the bit while the house is being built, to bad a neighbor couldn't record it on a camera and e-mail them to you on a regular basis. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. It's too bad you couldn't set up a webcam so you could monitor the progress.

  5. safe travels my friends and see you in the Fall.

    Hugs to you both


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