Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dreeeeeam, Dream Dream Dream

Tonight we went to see Brant and Kerrie......  This is two guys that are a duo on guitars.  They sang for three hours straight without any breaks..  This is quite the entertainment, if your an oldster like us.  The memories seemed to come with every new piece.

They were spot on when they did Elvis.  Then it was the Everly Brothers and Dream Dream Dream.... Wow I was in high school when that was a hit.  Marty Robbins,  we heard almost all of his hits, and then Johnny Cash.  Its hard to really imitate Cash, because his voice was so low, but we had to listen to Folsum Prison.

We found ourselves singing along with almost all of the songs, and there wasn't a single tune that we didn't recognize.....

Now we wouldn't even know who these two fellows were, if it wasn't for our friends Jim and Sandie that we met day before yesterday.  Of course we had met on the blogs for the last year or so but in person, that just seemed like a formality we needed to get done, in order to get on with things.

Jim and Sandie quite enjoy Superstition Skies Bar and Grill over in the foothills of the superstition mountain.  The place is older and was there during the 50s.  It has many recognizable patrons from the years and even Elvis himself used to dine in the back dining room when he was filming movies back in the day.

So we met at the Skies as the locals call it and grabbed a table for dinner and the music.  There was all you could eat Chicken Wings with a bunch of sauces and the fixins.  But I ordered a Big Burger with cheese and Bacon.   I'll take an extra Zocor in the morning!!

Of course I didn't take a camera, but Sandie did, and she took our picture, and I grabbed it and took theirs, but it didn't sound too promising that she would post her own.  But really, I thought it was good of them.

Other than the big evening our day was rather boring.  The winds were still somewhat blowing, and the weather almost made 60 today, but not quite.  I never uncovered the bike because riding when it is less than 60 is a tad cool.

Loyce went over to the home sales office and met with our sales lady.  They were going over some of the selections and stuff.  Also they have the address of the house as two different things in the documents, so they were fixing the paper work.

So that's about it for today, but I am still humming a bunch of Roy Orbison's songs as Brant and Kerrie knew them all, and sang most of them in the three hours we were there.  Heck, I can't wait to go back!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Saw the Everly Brothers one time in a downtown Toronto club back in the late 60's.

  2. I am so glad you guys joined us. What a fun time we had. And thanks so much for the big treat. Any time you want to join us, please do. We are there almost every Wednesday night.


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