Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exploring on the scoot!

Good thing Loyce doesn't read the blog every day, because she probably wouldn't understand my sense of humor about sleeping under the table..............  do you think?

Our days here at Golden Sun have become somewhat of a carbon copy already.  Wander outside and do the chores for the day first thing......  Today it was drain the nasty tank and work on the broken bolt under the slide.  The bolt limits the travel of the slide when the motor returns the slide to its inward or folded up position.

My neighbor next door noticed the broken part laying on the top of the bins.  Our bins move with the slide when they are extended and he could see the broken bit and called it to my attention when we were parking the rig.  He watched the back wheels so I wouldn't run over the sewer connection.

This park has their sewers on the wrong side of the coach and your hose stretches underneath.  You could very easily run right over the thing.  But back to the broken bolt.

Yesterday for one of my errands, I went to the hardware store and purchased the correct sized replacement for this travel limiter.  So this morning I was out with wrenches and vise grips extracting the broken part from under the slide.  Of course in these tight quarters, it wasn't but a minute or two and the neighbor fellow was right out there to help me install the new piece.  Ya, we all need more to do that is constructive..........

And just like clock work, all the Harleys arrived in front of my neighbors park model ready to head out for the day's ride.  I just stood out by the front of the rig and watched as they all assembled and left for the ride....  Remember, my little scooter isn't worthy of going along, so they mostly just ignored me......

I hung around outside under the dining canopy for about an hour enjoying the cool but warm morning.  But eventually I went out on a ride over to the housing development to see what was being worked on today.  But the work wasn't on our lot yet, so I am beginning to wonder if anything will be done before we have to leave in a couple of weeks.

Later in the afternoon, I went on a second ride up in the North part of Apache Junction.  The streets go all the way into the foothills of the mountain to our North.  I rode on streets that I have never been on until the came to a dead end.

Eventually I found a Granite pit mine where all sizes of gravel were extracted.  Their office was rather striking so I cranked off a couple of unusual for me photos.

I wonder if these little rail cars mean that at one time this was an underground mine?  Perhaps that big wheel lifted the ore out of the ground way back when..  If you could move that cactus in front of the sign, you would read that this place is called Treasure Chest Granite Pit.

A little research on the internet yielded that the wheel and cars are from 1905 and were part of the copper mine industry over in Miami, Arizona.  The Treasure Chest folks have purchased them for their historical significance to decorate the front of the current day granite pit.  You never know what you will come across on one of these scooter rides!

We reached 84 degrees again this afternoon but it wasn't hot at all.  By mid afternoon the sun had become obscured by cloud cover as we are to have a big change in the weather tomorrow and Wednesday.  By Wednesday we are to only reach 64 and the wind is to come back and kick up another dust storm.  Perhaps even a little of that dusty rain.

And its all the fault of our neighbor across the back of our lot here.  He was up on his roof today scrubbing away on the white rubber membrane that is its covering.  If it rains dust tomorrow, I'm certain he won't be pleased...........

Retired Rod

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  1. I worked in the mines in Miami Az. after I came back from Nam. Having seen those cars many times, it is good to touch base with an old memory. Most of my family worked there over the years. Thanks for the great photos !


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