Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun at the Lake House

The temperature went right up this morning and heated the East facing front room of the lake cabin right up to over 80 during breakfast.  That was even though the sliding doors were open,  time for the A/C in March?  Well it is unseasonably warm temps this spring..........

But I spent most of the day doing some house work like the floors and stuff.  But that isn't too interesting.  At one point I was outside putting little wire ties on the rope light palm tree.  It was assembled with white wire ties that evidently were not UV tolerant.  Most of the little ties were laying on the deck.

It took quite a while to restring that dog gone thing, and in the end, I got it, but I didn't have the nerve to plug the tree in to see if the lights still worked.  That will be for another day.

Then in the middle of the afternoon, I had to call Loyce and find out how Biscuit did with the surgery, and she said the Vet called and said she did really well and that Loyce could go get her later today.  Since Loyce worked on many floors of the Hospital including surgery as a Nurse,  Biscuit will be in good hands tonight.

Then tonight, I was back in town buying more stuff at the local Wal Mart.  We really have nothing here, a fact that I realized when I was looking for mustard to put on a simple hot dog that was my lunch.  Absolutely nothing in the fridge or the cupboards.....

And I also purchased a little digital indoor outdoor thermometer.  A simple little device that runs on batteries.  Two in the outdoor sender and three in the little desk unit that is in the house.  All for only $10.

Oh, and one of the important things on the grocery list was humming bird powder to make the red stuff to go into the feeder.  And yes I know that 2 to 1 sugar and water will work almost as well, but they put some flowery smell into the commercial stuff that seems to attract our birds more quickly.  But I do think it is a little early for the hummers as they might not be here quite yet.

Then there was the wrestling match with the new toilet seat purchased at Wal Mart, and my still surgery sore front abdomen.  The front bathroom upstairs is super small, and I'm too big to fit............   But its on there......

Fun at the lake house............

Retired Rod


  1. How long you gonna be at the Lake Rod, with Donna working, I could take a ride down, maybe next time you head out for a bachelor couple days let me know.We might be able to irrigate that surgery with a couple beers and you will feel just fine. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I have to grab the opportunity when I can comment. Glad Biscuit is doing good and will now be a happier puppy without all those boys hanging around. Or is it that you and Loyce will be happier. You really are empty when you can't even find mustard for a hot dog. It's going to be in the upper 80's here all week so they should be working on your house. We'll try and get by there and maybe take a picture or two.


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