Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biscuit Plays and Trailer wiring in the Honda

This day disappeared rather rapidly!  And I got up fairly early for me too.  Maybe I am getting ready to change that clock when we go over the New Mexico line.....

Biscuit and I got on the Scooter and rode down to the dog park in the end of the park.  We would walk down there, but she gets soooo black from the sealer on the blacktop that it just isn't worth it.  The stuff is some kind of powder that comes off on everything inside the RV.  And then we spend all the time cleaning up.

Biscuit rides over the hump in front of the seat where the engine is.  She really wants down, but as soon as we begin to move, she is smart enough to know that jumping off wouldn't be good.  Anyway we played in the grass and walked around the big fenced tennis court until she did her business, and then we were good to go inside the fence.

When no one is playing tennis, the court becomes an off leash play area for the dogs.  I found the tennis ball stuck in the fence wire near the gate and tossed it over the net.  Biscuit tore after it like her life depended on getting it.  But she isn't much of a retriever, because she thinks the ball is to be chewed upon.  Eventually she will bring it back to my end of the court, but still she may not give it to me.

After an hour of this chasing about, we rode back to the Rig.  Once home, momma declared that she was really dirty and would be getting a bath anyway.  Gee, if I had known that we could have just walked up there.

Loyce and I worked some on the paper work to lay out the bushes and trees for the front yard of the new house after lunch.  We need to have this ready for the big meeting tomorrow afternoon.  This meeting is with the construction foreman, as he has a spiel that he goes thru on what to expect and when.  We are not sure how long this will take, but they said to expect it to last until about 6 PM.  Good heavens,  I wonder what they have to talk about that lasts so long...

Mid afternoon, I went to an Auto Zone over by the new house and purchased a trailer wiring converter to change the tail lights on the Honda from the separate brake circuit to the standard shared turn signal brake light four wire plug.  Then I used the rest of the daylight installing this on the back of the Honda.

While we would not take off pulling the utility trailer with the Honda at highway speeds across country, we would buzz across town at city speeds.  That requires the trailer lights to work, at least for the brakes anyway.  So with the sun setting, the wiring was now in.

We will probably place the trailer on the storage lot a day ahead, so on the morning we depart, we can just park the coach over there and head out with the car.

Not much more has happened on the construction site, other than the plumbers have now marked the ground with orange paint where the trenches are to be dug for the sewer and water lines.  Next we will have a back hoe excavator moving dirt.  These folks have built so many of these houses they can do it in their sleep......  But perhaps that is good because there will be fewer errors that way...

High temperature today was 85 degrees with almost no breeze.  We had to run the air conditioner in the afternoon as the rig was about 95 inside without it.

Retired Rod


  1. We live in a condo that is on a slab like your new home will be and I have a suggestion. Prior to putting in the plumbing pipes, lay a bed of sand under them and then when the pipes are in and before the slab is poured, cover the pipes with sand. Why, you ask. A couple of years ago we developed a hot spot in the bathroom floor. They had to jack hammer the floor in the bathroom and the master bedroom to get to the pipes. A rock had rubbed a tiny hole in the pipe. Just a thought and it is a nice looking home.


  2. Glad to hear Biscuit is getting to chase a ball around a bit - it's great exercise for the chaser and the thrower too!

    Hope the meeting with the construction guys went well today.

  3. how exciting that your meeting with the construction guys..hope all went well....we've been missing a dog park for our kiddos never thought of running them in the rv tennis court..I must ask tomorrow if it would be ok....


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