Sunday, March 4, 2012

Noisy bikers depart, and a Shooooort haircut.

I'm grateful for the kind words about the blog and its contents, but really my sister in laws comment that it is like the morning news is a bit over rated!  Things are even slower in this laid back RV park out here in Apache Junction.  And we even had another person sign on and become 101!!!

I was out walking Biscuit the dog this morning when the park bikers all assembled out in front of my neighbor's rig across the street.  Seems that his rig is the kick off point for the park bike ride when it goes.  The bike ride is mostly word of mouth, mostly the folks that have park models and are fairly close friends.

I asked if strangers could join, and got kind of a half hearted sure.......  But then when he saw the fact that my bike was a scooter............  well lets just say the enthusiasm wasn't too high.  This is typical of the Harley folks.  And when I do go along and the bike can keep up with their noisy bangers, they get all amazed.  Of course they still don't like it!

But upon learning that they wanted to go up to Roosevelt Lake thru Globe and then on up to Payson. Only to return late in the afternoon after riding this 250 mile ride, I just bowed out and said have a good time.  I don't trust that my recent surgery can make that distance without becoming quite tender.  And there isn't any good reason to do that.

But with the wind gone from yesterday, and the temps in the 60s, I went on a ride of my own.  Riding over to the new neighborhood and exploring the country side South of the housing development.  Almost all of the roads are dead ends, and the area to the East about 3 miles away contains a land fill.  So there are no roads in or out of that area.  The big garbage trucks have to enter about 5 miles away, so it should be of no concern.  There are a lot of houses in this neighborhood that cost more than double what we are spending, so I trust that if the land fill was a problem, they wouldn't be there.

Then I came back home for a rest.  This is the beauty of riding solo, you can go rest up if you want.  Read blogs and talk to Loyce for a while.  I was out sitting under the dining canopy enjoying the afternoon.  

As I was relaxing, I noticed that I had become a shaggy dog.........  The last haircut was back in KC right after Christmas.  It was one of the test rides in the car after surgery.  Testing to see if I really could go back to Arizona......  Shaggy Dog needs a cut!

I had noticed a small shop up in the middle of old Apache Junction, and thought I'd go check it out.  So back on the bike and up town.  The place was quaint and had been there since 1959 the head barber explained......  There were three barbers and every chair was filled.  But it turned over fairly fast, and the next thing I knew it was my turn.

I asked for a taper up the back and some off the top.......... but after not too very long I was handed the mirror to see that I had a buzz cut!  Dang near a butch with only a little longer left on top.  Well........... I was looking for a new cooler do....!  And it will be really easy to wash......

After that I rode over to the VDO resort to see about their absolutely full up status. And yes the folks had arrived that took over our spot.  But our neighbor also left and no one was on his spot, and no one was on the spot that the folks from Missouri vacated before we left and there were several empty spots down on the row we were on last year...............  What the heck gives?????? 

I was perplexed to say the least.  The fellow at the camp office specifically told me that there wasn't a spot in the entire park for March 1st and beyond, even if I moved more than once.  Did they just want rid of us, or was this fellow too lazy to look for somewhere to put us?

I think Loyce likes the quiet of this older park we are in now anyway so perhaps all is well.  And no one has argued with her about walking the dog on their street......

Retired Rod


  1. "And there isn't any good reason to do that." I like your logic. Only rode with a group once & figured I would never do that again....& haven't. Like you, I am a solo rider......

  2. Don't understand that Harley logic some people have. I owned two of them at once and never minded what someone else was riding,I guess some guys think they are more manly on a Harley,to be honest I enjoyed the Kawasaki police bike as much as the Harleys we rode. so much for branding. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Their loss. And the good news is: hair does grow back.

  4. Shame on that barber for giving you a buzz cut-you have such pretty hair-for a man!!! He was probably jealous of your red hair!


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