Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cleaning at the Lake Cabin

Today Loyce had to clean up the house from the party, and I was more than worried about the lake cabin.  So I packed my bag and set out to see how the house in Lake Ozark has survived the winter.

It takes about three hours to drive down here, and I didn't leave until after the lunch hour, so I arrived way late in the afternoon.  I had stopped at a Wal Mart in Versailles, Mo to pick up some supplies for this house.

We packed out all the groceries from the house last fall, turning off the refrigerator and leaving the doors wide open.  Thus the stop at Wally World for some really basic stuff.  And that all seemed like the right thing to do, until I arrived here and realized that I was the one that turned off the fridge last fall, and like a non reliable male, I never bothered to clean it out much..............Like none.

So all those spills and drops of food in the freezer were right here waiting for me, screaming clean me!!! So after three hours of scrubbing and taking the shelves out and washing them in the sink, I finally got it turned back on.

Things aren't in too bad of shape here other than being overwhelmingly dirty.  Not inside so much, but out on the decks and down on the dock.  I worry that something major will go wrong when we are gone for several months at a time, but I had turned the water off before we left in November so we had no major problems.

That said, I haven't been down on the dock yet to inspect things there so I might be overly optimistic.

Loyce is back in KC tonight where she is prepping Biscuit for her surgery tomorrow where she will be Spayed.  This should have been done last summer, but it seemed that with all the trouble I was going thru at the hospital, we didn't get her over for a surgery of her own.

I am sorry not to be there for this procedure, but Loyce is an RN, and I am sure she can take care of a puppy....  So that's all from here tonight.......

Retired Rod


  1. Lady was already spayed when I got her, but I've had several other female puppies spayed and I don't remember it being all too bad. I felt much more sorry for my male black lab when he was neutered.

  2. Little Sadie Mae weathered the spaying without a sound.She will be just fine. Glad you got to the Lake. Let us know if there is a camp ground pretty close and this summer Donna & I will come down to the lake for a visit. Last time we camped down there, it was right there in town on the river. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. We had the Pheebs done last summer plus a couple of hanging dew claws removed. Worst part was the big plastic cone she had to wear around her neck for nearly a week to prevent her from biting at the stitches. She was forever crashing into the furniture....

  4. Biscuit seems to be a little trooper and she'll be fine in a few days.

    Didn't envy you after hearing about that fridge cleanup job.

  5. Rod - Hope all goes well with Biscuit and glad to hear that you are settling in. Enjoy!


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